Willing Wendy to Willie

Willing Wendy to Willie


Year: 1916

Plot: The rich man of the village was thoroughly convinced that all his neighbors were after his money. He hated anybody who got ahead of him, although these occasions were few and far between, but there were two persons particularly who aroused his ire, and these he vowed he would be revenged upon. One was Wendy, an ambitious widow, who hoped to marry the rich man and show him how to spend his fortune. She so arranged things that two of her neighbors were ready to swear in court that the rich man had embraced Wendy. They were perfectly truthful in their testimony, for they did not know that Wendy had deliberately planned the embrace, intending to use her friends as witnesses in a breach of promise suit, and the rich man was very indignant when the papers in the case were served upon him. His other enemy was Willie, a noisy individual who boasted long and loud because he had tricked the rich man in a horse trade. If he had known that vengeance was sure he would never have chuckled so loudly, but it never struck him that his little financial venture meant a later lifetime of misery.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: Willing Wendy to Willie
Writer: Lloyd Lonergan
Producer: Edwin Thanhouser
Type: movie
Year: 1916
Genres: Comedy, Short
Cast: Frances Keyes , Jay Yorke , H.G. Fergus
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 29 Apr 1916 (USA)
Akas: Wendy's Wedding (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Thanhouser Film Corporation
Distributors: Mutual Film
Producer: Edwin Thanhouser