Why the Nativity?

Why the Nativity?

Director: Paul Joiner

Year: 2022

Plot: Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, noted pastor, author, and theologian Dr. David Jeremiah provides answers to the most thought-provoking questions surrounding the most pivotal moment in human history-the birth of Jesus Christ.
Original Title: Why the Nativity?
Director: Paul Joiner
Writer: David Jeremiah , Paul Joiner
Producer: David Jeremiah , Troy Dausend , Paul Joiner , Weston Albert , David Michael Jeremiah , Levi Dulay , Tyler Novak , Shannon E. Mann , Jeff Utterback , Joseph Narducci
Type: movie
Year: 2022
Genres: Documentary, Drama, Family, History
Cast: Tasha Dixon , Arick Salmea , David Jeremiah , Altin Axel , Peter D. Michael , Arlin Alcala , Henry Mark , Chelsea Gray , Anthony De La Cruz , Nadeem Robert , Nathan Ostler , Paul Nasri , Armin Hamouni , Cory Lynn Hammond , Boet Schouwink , Guilherme Santos , Todd Blakesley , Kahiwa Reimann , Machelle Noel , Adam Zeitoun , Tonea Juanita , Jalen Dixon , Deepti Kingra-Mickelsen , Jordan Jacobo , Annie Semenova , Dennis Ferrara , Ishmael Meza , Ottavio Taddei , Vanessa Markous , Giancarlo Sta Cruz , Adrienne Springs , Imahni King , J Thomas Mayfield , Julie Meram , Yin Yin Liow , Peter Ramirez , Gimel Novelozo , Thomas Peterson , Aiden Rodriguez , Jonny Williams , Aulio Ivan , Simone Attenni , Gianmarco Duin , Serji Martinez , Paul L. Davis , Ruben O'Neill , Leila Ramos , Nom Ganbaatar , Muhsin Fliah , Fabian Vazquez , Dalton Santos , Mehra Park , Michelle Chelle T Turner , Robert Reznikov , Alberto Mojo Peña , Alysa Mena , Babak Shahrokh , Grayson Lawrence , Jessie Serpas , Zachary Michael Cruz , Jackie Green , Zachariah Walk , Isabella De Souza Moore , Kate Chen , Mo Ankir , Parth Kichloo , Logan Polson , Mean Monthon Promphao , Jonathan Agustin , Sutheshna Mani , Joshua Vinay , Dusty Garner , Derek Phillips Jr. , Jeremiah Carrillo , Rose Anaya , Martin Chan , Quinn Rystad , Marissa Raquel Rodriguez , Lucy Mai Howard , Emery Whitt , Michael Adler , Richard Willis , Asha Blackport , Arianna Medina , Matt French , Bob Vining , Brandon Banegas , JC Call , Ernie Munoz , John Raul Padilla , Wendy Sabin-Lasker , Mackenzie Womack , Slater Figuered , Demi Neptune , Teddy Miller , Parker Smith , Joaquin Hohman , Jefrey Toshigian , Rori Moreno , Ivan Jimenez , Sam Salem , Oscar Rodriguez , Carl Harrison , Vito Randazzo , Vernon Walker , Bryon Harrington , Hannah Chu , Evan Tyler Gutierrez , Levani Korganashvili , Sadra Shayesteh , Jessica E. Guzman , Virdidiana Valeria Orozco , Julian Gourdine , Howard Pittman , David Novak , Ted Faye
Runtimes: 85
Countries: United States
Languages: English , Hindi , Arabic , Mandarin , Telugu , Spanish
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 24 Nov 2022 (USA)
Rating: 8.3
Votes: 68
Year: 2022
Production Companies: Turning Point for God
Distributors: Turning Point for God
Synopsis: There are at least two versions of this movie. One lasts close to an hour not interrupted by commercials. Another is a little longer than an hour but includes a behind the scenes look that makes the total length close to an hour and a half.In both versions, a Roman soldier is shown riding a horse through the countryside, and brief scenes of what is going to happen precede the telling of the full story. Only a few words of dialogue are spoken by the characters on screen, while a narrator explains what is happening and sometime reads scripture that either describes the events or tells what characters are saying. Producer Dr. David Jeremiah appears from time to time speaking from his office.In the longer version, a prophet is shown writing about what he believes will happen.In both versions, in the town of Nazareth, Mary and Joseph are shown playing together as children and then courting as young adults, who have pledged to be married eventually. Joseph is learning to be a carpenter and Mary makes him a gift of food.One night Mary sees a bright light. The audience doesn't get a good look at the angel but does see a reflection. The angel tells Mary she will give birth to a son. Mary is shocked and questions how this is possible, but the angel explains.Mary is shown outside the town with another woman.Mary appears to be pregnant and has a medical problem which makes it more obvious. People are thinking the worst about her, even spitting and throwing flowers on the ground to show disrespect. Joseph and his friends go out of town to discuss what he should do. Then Joseph receives a visit from an angel who explains what has happened. He and Mary meet out of town and then get married.In the longer version only, Herod is shown filled with anxiety, reading scrolls, fretting over being told someone might overthrow him. It is stated he even considered suicide.A Roman official signs and seals a document. The Roman soldier is shown again on a horse. He is rude to a group of men in his way. Later, those men are revealed to be the shepherds. In one of the cities, despite protests, the document is posted. The narrator states all are to be taxed, and all descendants of David are to go to Bethlehem.Mary and Joseph must go, even though she will soon give birth. They are part of a large group and Mary is riding a donkey at first. Later, the donkey is being led and Mary is walking.Bethlehem is bustling with activity, with numerous merchants selling in the street. A boy steals and is chased, and then he is shown hiding in a place looking much like where Jesus was born, eating bread he stole.Mary and Joseph enter Bethlehem and many people are there seeking a room. One man yells he has no more room and tells all these people to go away. Joseph encounters even more rejection on his own, but it is not quite as obvious. The boy sees Mary and realizes what he must do, leading Joseph and Mary to where he has been hiding. Mary is about to give birth, and then baby Jesus is shown.The narrator explains that shepherds are the lowest of the low and people mistreat them. At night, with many stars visible, Outside the city are the same men and a child who were seen earlier when the soldier came through. One man needs a crutch to walk. A stranger shows up and the shepherds demand to know who he is. A bright light appears and the stranger's clothes turn white, and he makes his announcement. Numerous lights appear and there is singing, though not actual words.The shepherds do as they are told and go to Bethlehem. They are treated as outcasts by the few people still outside at night, but they find Jesus and kneel before him. Even the man who has trouble walking manages to make it into the city and with help, he also kneels. Visions of events in the life of Jesus are shown, including the crucifixion. The shepherds leave as the sun is coming up, and the narrator says they tell of their experience to anyone they see, and their lives have been changed.And those are not the only visitors. A large group is shown crossing the desert. The narrator explains that people who study astrology have heard many prophecies and they know something is about to happen, and regardless of who they worship, they know someone is coming who they will want to worship. A large star appears in the sky at night, and groups of people are shown in Africa and China. Included in each group is one man who has researched what is about to happen, and now it is time to go visit Bethlehem. One group of visitors makes the trek from Africa, and another group leaves from China.In the longer version only, the three representatives visit Herod, who claims to want to worship the king too.In Bethlehem, a boy announces the arrival of a king. Many people watch as three colorfully dressed groups of people enter the city. The first group is from the Middle East. The other groups are from Africa and China. Joseph, Mary and young Jesus all walk down the stairs from a house. Each group has a representative who presents a gift to Jesus. Everyone in the large groups worships the young child.Later, the adults are eating and Jesus and the other children are playing. Then it is time to go, and the large groups leave.Jesus as an adult heals a man who cannot walk.Dr. Jeremiah appears for the last time and explains the significance of what has just been shown.
Cinematographer: John Christian Patterson
Producer: David Jeremiah , Troy Dausend , Paul Joiner , Weston Albert , David Michael Jeremiah , Levi Dulay , Tyler Novak , Shannon E. Mann , Jeff Utterback , Joseph Narducci
Production Manager: Dane Tellinghuisen
Art Direction: Corrie Pickering , Alex MacKay
Composer: Don Harper
Editor: Zach Andrews
Editorial Department: Dane Tellinghuisen , Kevin Stratton , Keith Roush
Sound Crew: Nathan Ashton , Jon Stanka , Eric Seaberg , Steven Groot , Howard Pittman
Visual Effects: Nicholas Hiegel , Ian Blewitt , Reid Southen , Brad Gaines , Eman Alshehabi , Zach Andrews , Robert Chapin , Cory Lee , Thomas Hollier
Music Department: Steve Devlin
Miscellaneous Crew: Nancy Kobert , Greg Praniewicz , Larry Poole , Gil Riegler , Racine Poole , Isabel Canzoneri , Tony McQuien , Marissa Raquel Rodriguez , Richard Willis , Lucas Miles , Jordan Freier , Nico Bellarde , Rudiger Yearick , Alexandra Jeremiah , Benjamin Speaks , Braeden Hoffman , Clayton Felice , Corey DeLillo , Lauren Vogt , Scott Cunningham , Tori Hitchcock , Tucker DeLillo , Adam Goodman , Ben Dulay , Kimberlee Randall , Rad Corn , Dave White , Jenny Raney , Morgan Richardson , Jayliene Bonilla , Royce Fast
Other Companies: Endcrawl.com
Costume Designer: Denitsa Bliznakova
Make Up: Francia Cohen , Dezi V. , Gerine Coronado , Athena Mathews , Raquel Trivino , Betsy Faust , Danielle Evans , Susie Beyer , Kelly Faust , Peter Herman , Karen B. Pierce , Monique Hanson , Olivia Espinoza , Doris Lew
Assistant Director: Jeff Larson , Jordan Freier , Nico Bellarde , Rudiger Yearick , Joseph Narducci
Art Department: Tommy Saxe , Adele Biraghi Maschi , Maxwell Mahan , Dorothy Zhu , Caleb Kephart , Mariana Silva , Gordan McDonald , Donald McDonald , Douglas Rogers
Camera and Electrical Department: Stefan Mentil , Geoffrey Sykes , Tanner Stauss , Kase Bowman , Brandy Holiday , Troy Dausend , Phill Guarnotta , Tim Hogle , Dylan Melly , Jasen Rolfe , Tommy Gallagher , Tanner Eck , Brian Tebbets , Ethan Mutz , Mike Bowie , Cody Caldwell , Jeff Ball , Ramon Velasquez , Adien Ketner , Brant Beland , Ashton Mutz , Bryce Lood , Curtis Craven , Diego Sanchez , Gabe Perea , Greg Foster , Matthew Mascari , Timothy Timms , Kyle Chansler , Ben Dulay , Jessica Sanchez , Dwight Campbell , Justin Fisher , Greg Flores , Kevin Guild , Brett Lood
Set Decoration: Travis Moelter
Costume Department: Christine Cover Ferro , Teri Tavares , Perry Ash , Juliette Lunger , Tess Gerrard , Raven Winter , Valerie Tronolone , Amy To , Trish Rutter , Marissa Soto , Natalie Arriaga
Production Design: Joe Cashman , Tyler Novak
Special Effects: Salvador Venegas , Rene Diamante , Tim Madison , Anthony Delizo
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Weston Albert
Location Management: Levi Dulay , Shannon E. Mann
Seasons: D. Candis Paule
Casting Department: Sandi Buehner , Daren Scott