Why Sex Is Magic


Why Sex Is Magic

Director: Vincent Peone

Year: 2012

Season: 1, Episode: 289

Episodes: 1914

Original Title: Why Sex Is Magic
Director: Vincent Peone
Writer: Ben Joseph , Streeter Seidell
Producer: Eva Wong , Lacy Wittman , Spencer Griffin
Type: episode
Year: 2012
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Annamarie Russo , Ginamarie Russo , Adam Newman , Pat Cassels , Kyle Kirkpatrick , Streeter Seidell , Robbie Rescigno , Paul Rescigno , Marina Cockenberg
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 02 Jan 2012
Akas: Why Sex Is Magic (United States)
Production Companies: Big Breakfast , BoTown Sound , CollegeHumor
Distributors: CollegeHumor
Cinematographer: Vincent Peone
Producer: Eva Wong , Lacy Wittman , Spencer Griffin
Production Manager: Sam Sparks , Forrest McClain
Certificates: United States:TV-MA
Editor: Nick Barbieri
Editorial Department: Michael Schaubach , Amanda Madden , Phil Fox
Sound Crew: Kurt Seery
Visual Effects: Mike Ritchie , Paul Lowey , Casey Vigushin , Erian Trotland
Miscellaneous Crew: Sam Reich , Kenny Wu , Daniel Siegel , David Cyr Kerns , Christine Rodriguez , Jeremy Glass , James Devine , Jon Wolf , Blake Jones , Esha Rao , Erin Marshall , Nat Tingley
Make Up: Hana El-Assad
Assistant Director: Brian Johanson
Camera and Electrical Department: Corey Fontana , Kevin Huang , Andrew Brinkman , Justin Amorusi
Production Design: Andy Myers
Special Effects: Gloo Studios
Number of Seasons: Justen Van Dyke
Season: 1
Episode: 289
Number of Episodes: 1914
Episode of: Why Sex Is Magic