Where are the Friends?

Where are the Friends?

Director: Simon Gibney , Cat Solen

Year: 2019

Season: 1, Episode: 24

Episodes: 50

Plot: Inside the Little Toy House, everybody is surprised to discover the Roundabout has been left in the sitting room. In Storyland, Little Nana and Lambkin go flying in the aeroplane.
Original Title: Where are the Friends?
Director: Simon Gibney , Cat Solen
Producer: Irene Weibel , Mandy McCowan
Type: episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Family
Cast: Jon Riddleberger , Dorothy James
Original Air Date: 30 May 2019
Production Companies: Bento Box Entertainment , Foundling Bird , Sutikki
Cinematographer: Eric Deren
Producer: Irene Weibel , Mandy McCowan
Art Direction: Matt Parker
Editorial Department: Jacob Mcelroy , Garrett Braun , Andrea V. Nieto , Devon Harding , Austin Baur , Geri Ingall , Storm Evans
Sound Crew: Jason e Brown , Anthony Nolan
Visual Effects: D.J. Shea , Eric Austin Mercado , Suzanne Powell , Janelle Jovellanos , Roland Porth , Katie Chapman , Ryan McConnell , Camille Geier
Music Department: Jason e Brown
Miscellaneous Crew: Anthony Fallows , Bryce Hoogland , Jacob Hartin
Assistant Director: Todd Turner
Art Department: Gerard Moore , Lauren Coghlan , Rachel De Urioste , Kiauna Agee
Camera and Electrical Department: Joel Chivington , Elliot Long
Set Decoration: Carlos Santos
Season: 1
Episode: 24
Number of Episodes: 50
Episode of: Where are the Friends?