What We Have Is Worth the Pain

What We Have Is Worth the Pain

Director: Howard Deutch

Year: 2012

Season: 1, Episode: 17

Episodes: 22

Plot: Bridget fears that something has happened to Malcolm when she cannot get in touch with him. In an effort to find him, Bridget visits the hotel where Malcolm was staying and discover on security footage that Andrew was the last person to see Malcolm before he disappeared. Meanwhile, Juliet discovers that someone in her family played a part in the attack on Tessa and Siobhan admits to Henry the reason she faked her death.—CW Publicity
Original Title: What We Have Is Worth the Pain
Director: Howard Deutch
Writer: Nicole Snyder , Jay Faerber , Eric C. Charmelo , Scott Nimerfro
Producer: JoAnne Colonna , Jon Liebman , Robert Doherty , Nicole Snyder , Eric C. Charmelo , Hank Chilton , P. Todd Coe , Sarah Michelle Gellar , Vanessa Hayes , Cathryn Humphris , Scott Nimerfro , Richard Shepard , Pam Veasey
Type: episode
Year: 2012
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast: Kristoffer Polaha , Jaime Murray , Gage Golightly , Mike Colter , Bernardo De Paula , Carl McDowell , Nic Robuck , Zoey Deutch , Porter Duong , Sarah Michelle Gellar , Ioan Gruffudd , Nestor Carbonell , Sean Patrick Thomas , Zahn McClarnon , Andrea Roth , Chris Elwood , Todd Schneider , Jordan Marder
Runtimes: 40
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 13 Mar 2012
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 225
Year: 2012
Akas: What We Have Is Worth the Pain (United States)
Production Companies: Green Eggs & Pam Productions , Brillstein Entertainment Partners , ABC Signature , Warner Bros. Television , CBS Productions
Distributors: SuperTV2 , Telecinco , The CW Network (The CW)
Synopsis: Henry informs Siobhan, who is now back in Paris, that Tyler is dead and that someone else has the flash drive. Siobhan reminds him that she warned him that Andrew would kill to protect his secret and flashes back to when she first confronted Andrew about the fraud. Andrew had threatened to kill her. At the Martin/Charles offices, Olivia and Andrew review the flash drive which contains only fake data. Olivia suggests that Andrew question Siobhan about it. Bridget and Solomon try to track down Malcolm. They find his phone with a homeless man but Malcolm is nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to them Agent Machado is also trying to find Malcolm who has gone incommunicado. With his marriage seemingly deteriorating, Andrew talks with Juliet who advises him to do whatever is needed to patch things up with Siobhan. Afterwards Juliet goes to meet her mother about her concerns. In the lobby of the hotel she flirts with a good looking young man with a distinctive tattoo. The man explains his scraped knuckles by explaining that he angrily punched a hole in his bosses wall. Intrigued, Juliet agrees to text him later. The real Siobhan flies in from Paris and meets with Henry. After being pressed by him Siobhan admits the whole truth, that she and Bridget didn't agree to switch places, that Bridget is responsible for the death of her son, and that she had been sleeping with Tyler.While trying to figure out where Malcolm might be, Solomon reveals that he knows Bridget's secret. She gets a message from Henry asking to meet her. While she waits for him the real Siobhan goes to Andrew's office and informs him that she hates him and he deserves to go to jail.Meanwhile, Juliet meets Tessa, now recovered from her coma, for drinks. Excited about texting the man she met, who is named Cash Chilton, she shows Tessa his facebook page. On seeing Cash's picture, Tessa recognizes him as the man who attacked her. Juliet runs to her mother's hotel room for support but she notices a fist sized hole in the wall and remembers what Cash had said earlier and realizes that her mother was behind the attack on Tessa. Horrified, Juliet flees the hotel room, saying that she wishes Siobhan was her mother.After Siobhan's confrontation with Andrew, Olivia plans to flee the country ahead of the authorities. Meanwhile Bridget gets a text message, ostensibly from Malcolm asking her to meet him at the loft. She and Solomon head there and Solomon goes off to search the place. Bridget calls for Malcolm but Andrew shows up. At first he appears angry but he tells Bridget that he still loves her and refuses to give up on their marriage even if she hates him. Before Bridget can respond, a figure appears from the shadows and fires a gun. Outside on the street, Agent Machado has just arrived, looking for Andrew, who surveillance footage puts outside of Malcolm's hotel room before he disappeared. Seeing the shots, Machado races upstairs where he finds Solomon. The bodyguard explains that he returned fire on someone who shot at the Martins. Machado then sees Bridget, cradling a wounded Andrew, who she says had thrown himself in front of the bullets.
Cinematographer: John Newby
Producer: JoAnne Colonna , Jon Liebman , Robert Doherty , Nicole Snyder , Eric C. Charmelo , Hank Chilton , P. Todd Coe , Sarah Michelle Gellar , Vanessa Hayes , Cathryn Humphris , Scott Nimerfro , Richard Shepard , Pam Veasey
Production Manager: Larry Goldstein , Robert M. Rolsky
Certificates: Finland:K-12/9 , Netherlands:12 , United States:TV-14
Composer: Mark Snow
Editor: Sondra Watanabe
Editorial Department: Steve Porter , Tara McSherry , Eric Nohelty , Kurt Stuve , Jeff Vacirca
Sound Crew: Jesse Dodd , Kevin Valentine , Alexis Schafer , Larry Benjamin , George Flores , Adriane Marfiak , Robert Webber , Suzanne Angel , Tim Chilton , Colin Rogers
Visual Effects: Rob Sischy , Sarah McGrail , Tavis Larkham , Nick Sinnott , Francesco Panzieri , Iqbal Zafar , Kent Johnson
Music Department: Steve Montgomery , Jason Ryterband , Jonathan Christiansen , Marielle Jade Te , Jason Alexander , Gabriel Mann
Miscellaneous Crew: Patty Tsilidas , Isabel Ferrer , Devon Colbert , Luis Bonachea , John Penna , Andréa Vasilo , Reese Avanessian , Brandon Smithey , Brian Rodenbeck , Vincent Licas , Monika Freeman , Jean Hodges , Victor Licas
Other Companies: Smart Post Sound , MTI Film , CBS Studios , Central Casting
Costume Designer: Emma Trask
Make Up: Garry Allyn , David DeLeon , Todd McIntosh , Margarita Pidgeon
Assistant Director: Thomas Boucher , Amy B. Hughes , Francis R. Mahony III , Bradley Morris
Art Department: Marissa Zajack , Joshua Cheek , Jason E. Hatfield , Andrew Guinn , Miles S. Richman , Aaron Nadler , Eddie Acuña , Richard Martinez , Fritz Ebner , Chris Forster , Simon Georgiou , Ilya Seperich , Blanche Sindelar , Brian Bull , Matt Emery , Eric Reichardt , Daron Smith , Mara A. Spear
Camera and Electrical Department: Jason Blount , Andrew Chojnacki , James Madigan , Ben Beaird , Allen D. Easton , Trevor Fulks , Paul Hamacher , Tim Hubbard , Tony Martin , Matthew Pearce , Keith Roverud , Bennett Cerf , Tracy Allen Davey , Thomas McGough
Set Decoration: Barbara Cassel
Costume Department: Sarah de Sa Rego , Rebecca Raleigh , Brittany Trusler , Jo Rosen , Joseph Castellanos , Oneita Parker , Pat Welch
Production Design: Steven Wolff
Special Effects: Stargate Studios
Script Department: Erica Peterson , Mellanie Bradfield
Stunt Performer: Todd Schneider , Mark Aaron Wagner
Location Management: Greg Lazzaro
Number of Seasons: Matt Sprague , Charles 'Aloha Boy' Reed , Greagrey Waldrop
Seasons: Dan Shaner , Michael Testa
Casting Department: Patty Connolly , Michelle Beatty , Kimberly McCollum , Mark Saks , Mark Sussman
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Number of Episodes: 22
Episode of: What We Have Is Worth the Pain