Water - Wet Weather Clothes


Water - Wet Weather Clothes


Year: 1995

Season: 30, Episode: 42

Episodes: 2499

Plot: Painting faces and rainbows on a window with water paint. Making Big Ted some waterproof clothes using show curtain material. Dressing up Big Ted in wet weather clothes. Spinning lid painting: a circle of paper is placed inside a clean garbage bin lid. The lid is spun around and at the same time water paint is squirted onto the paper.
Original Title: Water - Wet Weather Clothes
Type: episode
Year: 1995
Genres: Family
Cast: Angela Moore , John Hamblin
Runtimes: 28
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color::(28 June 1976-)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (1966-2003)
Sound Mix: Stereo::(1992-)
Original Air Date: 10 Oct 1995
Akas: Water - Wet Weather Clothes (Australia)
Production Companies: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Season: 30
Episode: 42
Number of Episodes: 2499
Episode of: Water - Wet Weather Clothes