Director: Moira Armstrong

Year: 1996

Season: 12, Episode: 61

Episodes: 2405

Plot: DS Greig and WPC Datta suspect that a woman who claims she can hear voices may hold the key to a series of sexual assaults.
Original Title: Voices
Director: Moira Armstrong
Writer: Geoff McQueen , Peter Hammond
Producer: Michael Chapman , Mike Dormer
Type: episode
Year: 1996
Genres: Crime, Drama
Cast: Seeta Indrani , Andrew Mackintosh , Tony O'Callaghan , Huw Higginson , Andrew Paul , Jeff Stewart , Colin Tarrant , Sian Thomas , Peter Jonfield , David Quilter
Runtimes: 25
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Original Air Date: 21 May 1996
Rating: 7.5
Votes: 35
Year: 1996
Akas: Voices (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Thames Television
Producer: Michael Chapman , Mike Dormer
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Assistant Director: Hugo Handford
Season: 12
Episode: 61
Number of Episodes: 2405
Episode of: Voices