Världens bästa djurskydd

Världens bästa djurskydd

Director: Robin Jonsson

Year: 2022

Plot: The Swedes pride themselves on animal welfare and believe it's the best in the world. But is it really? Here are three chickens in different parts of life in a factory farm to tell you their stories. In this film, Djurens Rätt shows you the reality chicken producers don't want you to see.
Original Title: Världens bästa djurskydd
Director: Robin Jonsson
Writer: Robin Jonsson
Producer: Frida Klarker
Type: movie
Year: 2022
Genres: Short
Cast: Mattias Fransson , Dragomir Mrsic , Sanna Sundqvist
Runtimes: 3
Countries: Sweden
Languages: Swedish
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Original Air Date: 17 Feb 2022 (Sweden)
Rating: 9.8
Votes: 20
Year: 2022
Production Companies: Naive
Producer: Frida Klarker
Production Manager: Emma Bäckström
Composer: Per Egland
Editor: Robin Jonsson
Editorial Department: Oskar Gullstrand
Sound Crew: Robert Eklund
Animation Department: Linus Kullman , Oscar Jonsson , William Colling