Up the Aisle

Up the Aisle

Director: Paul O. Gardner

Year: 2011

Plot: To inherit her beloved Nan's house shy, timid and socially awkward insect enthusiast Bexley must marry her unemployed Kiwi boyfriend Kevin in less than a week. If you've ever organized a wedding you'll know just how hard it is. But throw in a hired hit-man, a body that won't stay in it's coffin, flat tyres, anal probes, sumo wrestlers, an ill conceived Hangi pit, a burst water main, sabotaged beer kegs, samurai swords, two destroyed couches, a kidnapping, a shallow grave, a high speed car chase, a low speed car chase, a hostage situation, a shootout and a father who hates you're fiancé and you've got the recipe for a comedic disaster like you've never seen before. If she's ever going to get up the aisle Bexley will have to overcome all of these obstacles and choose the perfect napkins.—Alexia Kelly
Original Title: Up the Aisle
Director: Paul O. Gardner
Writer: Judas Falling
Producer: Alexia Kelly , Henry Richardson , Barry Hamilton , Keith McIlroy
Type: movie
Year: 2011
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Ian McPhee , Kate Houston , Andrew Johnston , Victor Barlow , Olivia Solomons , Sharron Gambrill , Kaja Trøa , Nick Godsell , Matt Okine , Rebecca Clay , Dan Balcaban , Guilherme Noronha , David Kirkham , Alexia Kelly , Joe June , Steve Corner , Judas Falling , Keith McIlroy , Stef Torok , Sarah Keene , Meg MacIntosh , Clare Griggs , Bianca Bateman , Penny Day , Leo Kim , Jonas Holt , Aaron Fitzgerald , Ellen Margaret Schuthof , Rachel Pirovic , Noel Borger , Gabriele Pirovic , Alan Glover , Garry Who , Christine Greenough
Runtimes: 96
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 7.5
Votes: 11
Year: 2011
Production Companies: Pogman Productions
Cinematographer: Khan Kim
Producer: Alexia Kelly , Henry Richardson , Barry Hamilton , Keith McIlroy
Production Manager: Lauren Ashley , Claire Stibbon
Certificates: United States:Not Rated
Editor: Paul O. Gardner , Ryan Cauchi
Editorial Department: Ryan Cauchi
Sound Crew: Stephan Gyory , Carlos Choconta , Avid Pakzad , Brent Heber , Glenn Humphries , Ryan Cauchi
Music Department: Sandra Diaz
Miscellaneous Crew: Carrie Isgett , Vonne Patiag , Ellen Margaret Schuthof , Kylie Nelson
Costume Designer: Pele Hehea
Make Up: Memo Gallard , Nadine Terens , Tamara Callaghan , Simone Traves-Taylor
Assistant Director: Lindsay Gosson , Amy Gore , Olivia Jean-Cox , Barry Hamilton
Art Department: Boris Ivanoff , Adrian Valero , Jerry Celik , Nick Capper
Camera and Electrical Department: Sarah Keene , Ben Mezups , Massimo Luongo , Aaron Fitzgerald , Luke Blair , Matthew Mortimer , Julie Shon , Steven Fagerland , Will Luckman , Benjamin Amdur , James Hall
Set Decoration: Sian O'Rourke , Martine Syme
Costume Department: Angelika Nilson , Kristie Slater
Production Design: Pele Hehea
Script Department: Tanya Deveraux , Bianca Young , Alyce Andrews
Stunt Performer: Adrian Seeto
Number of Seasons: Keith McIlroy