To Fail Is Human


To Fail Is Human

Director: James Allodi

Year: 2006

Season: 1, Episode: 12

Episodes: 39

Plot: The stress of Lana's upcoming on-air nuptials reach new heights for the Smart Woman team when Lana's husband-to-be, Callum, announces he wants to wear a kilt in the ceremony - mortifying! When both Nat and Alistair ask Lana for a raise, she tells them whoever can get her man to change his mind gets the cash. Meanwhile Liz auditions bands for the wedding entertainment, only to decide she would be the best choice behind the mic. And Brooke becomes determined to get Lana to sign a pre-nup.—Anonymous
Original Title: To Fail Is Human
Director: James Allodi
Writer: Ramona Barckert
Producer: Morgan Drmaj , Steven Mitchell , Toni Miceli , Adam Poel , Allan Magee , Kathryn Stockwood
Type: episode
Year: 2006
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Ryan V. Hays , Ryan Hays , Adam Seybold , Tricia Braun , Riley Gilchrist , Joanne Alderson , Laura McLean , Siobhan Murphy , Cynthia Martyn , Glenn Mulhern
Original Air Date: 2006
Cinematographer: Rhett Morita
Producer: Morgan Drmaj , Steven Mitchell , Toni Miceli , Adam Poel , Allan Magee , Kathryn Stockwood
Production Manager: Adam Nicholls
Art Direction: Glenn Romasanta
Composer: Tom Third
Editor: Kristi Macaulay
Editorial Department: Peter Raekelboom , Justin Ferguson , Ross Wison , Shelley Gunness , Bob Ablack
Sound Crew: Michael Mancuso , Jim Longo , Chris Schofield , Andre French , Justin Pike , Trevor King , Rhythm Division , Kuba Psuty
Visual Effects: Ryan V. Hays
Miscellaneous Crew: Claire Ross Dunn , Thomas Walden , Rose Chalker , Julie Chang , Sarah Glinski , John Mark Paul , Kyle Whaley , Nikki Ashworth , Alex Newman , Yasmine Abbasakoor , Dilaz Rajwani , Justyna Ogorkis , Eric Birnberg
Costume Designer: Rachel Ford
Make Up: Erin Bolger , Jenia O'Connor
Assistant Director: Bruce Jensen , Mark MacDonald
Art Department: Harold Gay , Lindsay Agnew , Harley Morden
Camera and Electrical Department: Russell Perkins , Stephen Papadimitriou , Ben Sharp , Nelson Rogers , Cameron Hay , David Lees , Patrick Roinson , Ryan Woon , Andy Hanson , Micha Dahan
Costume Department: Rachel Ford
Script Department: Margaret Tanod
Location Management: Kathryn Stockwood
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Number of Episodes: 39
Episode of: To Fail Is Human