Time Flies

Time Flies


Year: 2004

Season: 1, Episode: 22

Episodes: 27

Plot: Sabrina is excited when Maritza asks her to go to the Plain Brain concert, but when her aunts invite her on a trip to the hyper spa at the same time as the concert, Sabrina must make a hard choice! Sabrina finally phones the bad news to her crushed best friend and wishes she could go back in time and fix the situation. Just then, a large worm named Wiggles appears from the Netherworld to offer Sabrina a time travel watch so she can go to both the concert AND the hyper spa! Sabrina quickly buys it, and without reading the owners' manual, begins time traveling immediately. Sabrina goes to the concert - twice - and then onto the hyper-spa with her aunts. Despite Salem's warnings, Sabrina continues time traveling to fix all her problems. Exhausted from all the activity, Sabrina accidentally sleeps through the real concert and the hyper-spa trip! When she wakes up, she has aged dramatically. When she goes back in time again, Maritza is dating Harvey, and neither of them even recognizes her! She feverishly tries to time travel again, but the watch breaks in her hands. Sabrina explains everything as her aunts who quickly summon Wiggles. He explains that the owner's manual says quite clearly (in fine print) not to solve the same problem more than once. Sabrina's aunts take her to the Netherworld where she must go alone to see Father Time. She pleads with him to let her be a normal teenager again. When she explains that she's learned that avoiding a problem only makes it worse, Father Time is satisfied and sends Sabrina back to when Maritza first tells her about the concert. This time when Maritza offers her a ticket, Sabrina says she will have to ask first. A lesson has been learned!
Original Title: Time Flies
Producer: Claude Raivey , Richard Goldwater , Chuck Grimes , Andy Heyward , Michael Maliani , Nadia Saloom , Michael Silberkleit
Type: episode
Year: 2004
Genres: Animation, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Michael Monroe Heyward , Shannon Chan-Kent , Vanesa Tomasino , Vincent Maliani , Alex Thomopoulos , Sinclair Cook , Alexandra Collins , Daniel Dorr , Don Brown , Bettina Bush , Tifanie Christun , Ben Einstein , Christopher Gaze , Mark Hildreth , Matt Hill , Maurice LaMarche , Blu Mankuma , Britt McKillip , Jane Mortifee , Colin Murdock , Tabitha St. Germain , Moneca Stori , Lee Tockar , Sam Vincent , Dale Wilson
Runtimes: 21
Original Air Date: 20 Jan 2004
Production Companies: DIC Entertainment , Les Studios Tex
Producer: Claude Raivey , Richard Goldwater , Chuck Grimes , Andy Heyward , Michael Maliani , Nadia Saloom , Michael Silberkleit
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Mike Piccirillo
Miscellaneous Crew: Marsha Goodman , Eric Lewald
Other Companies: Suzhou Hong Ying Animation
Art Department: Mike Bundlie
Seasons: Marsha Goodman
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Number of Episodes: 27
Episode of: Time Flies