Theft by Deception

Theft by Deception

Director: David Dietrich

Year: 2010

Plot: In an attempt to save his crumbling marriage, a police detective extorts a recently paroled art thief into stealing valuable paintings to present to his wife as gifts.
Original Title: Theft by Deception
Director: David Dietrich
Writer: Hunter G. Williams , David Dietrich
Producer: Hunter G. Williams , David Dietrich
Type: movie
Year: 2010
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Cast: L.J. Dopp , Carmen Gloria Pérez , Jack Lancaster , Daniel Wall , Simona Roman , Christopher Vale , Hunter G. Williams , David Dietrich , Ron Elliott , Leilani Wyatt , Anna Lucinska , Kyle Beatty , Eric Danes , Lala Hensely , Ricky Onsgard , Alexander Aguila , Nadia Lanfranconi , Ken McGavin , Jeffery Charles , Lee Pelley , Adrian Gottlieb , Alan Benson , Robert Knowles , Mary Enterline , Steve Hodge , Edward L. Plumb
Runtimes: 50
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 15
Year: 2010
Production Companies: Tamarack Road Productions , Busted Knuckle Productions
Distributors: Tamarack Road Productions
Producer: Hunter G. Williams , David Dietrich
Box Office: $200,000 (estimated)
Certificates: United States:PG-13
Editor: Vincent Remy
Editorial Department: Archi Honeycutt , Brian Demorez
Sound Crew: Eric Daniels
Music Department: Scott Rohde , Ella Blame , Paul Kilian
Thanks: Casey McCoy , Austin Weaver
Make Up: Stacey Williams , Kelly Gray
Assistant Director: Daniel Rentas , Justin Chien
Art Department: Carmen Gloria Pérez
Camera and Electrical Department: Daniel Wall , Ron Elliott , Ryan O'Corrigan , Daniel Rentas , Ricky Onsgard , Mark Erlich
Costume Department: Stacey Williams
Script Department: L.J. Dopp
Stunt Performer: Hunter G. Williams
Casting Department: David Dietrich , Zoe Saba