The Wild at Heart

The Wild at Heart

Director: John Dower

Year: 2016

Season: 4, Episode: 10

Episodes: 63

Plot: The two groups of Wolfbloods meet in the woods, Alric's tribal healer Madoc tending to Katrina's swollen ankle with his herbal cures, which he claims he is also using for Alric's recovery. However it turns out that he is slowly poisoning Alric as he wants to be the next leader and he is chased away by the pack. With her father well again thanks to Segolia's Dr Whitewood Jana decides to return to Newcastle but not everybody opts to go with her.—don @ minifie-1
Original Title: The Wild at Heart
Director: John Dower
Writer: Debbie Moon , Matt Sinclair
Producer: Lucy Martin , Jonathan Wolfman , Arne Lohmann , Alan Fairholm
Type: episode
Year: 2016
Genres: Family, Fantasy
Cast: Gail Sixsmith , Letty Butler , Cerith Flinn , Sydney Wade , Jack Brett Anderson , Louis Payne , Faye Ormston , Gabrielle Green , Graham Saxon , Leona Vaughan , Lottie Rhodes , Jake Shingler , Rukku Nahar , Dan Dobson , Kema Sikazwe , Alun Raglan , Fraser James , Michelle Gayle
Runtimes: 28
Original Air Date: 06 Apr 2016
Rating: 8.5
Votes: 25
Year: 2016
Cinematographer: James Moss
Producer: Lucy Martin , Jonathan Wolfman , Arne Lohmann , Alan Fairholm
Production Manager: Darren Laws , Anna Clement , Nicola Spanou
Art Direction: Jonathan Tolson
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: Nick Holywell-Walker
Editor: Agnieszka Liggett
Editorial Department: Jamie Parry , Robert Douglas-Reeves , Jill Milne , Paul Dingwall , Tom Strachan
Sound Crew: Stu Wright , Alessandro Pascale , Luisa Hadley , Joshua Tot Carr , Lee Fisher , Mark Briscoe , Duncan McAllister , Heidi Stiene
Visual Effects: Jessica Norton , Luke Dodd
Music Department: Aurora , Julian Bayliss , Rebecca Grierson
Miscellaneous Crew: Lynne Marriott , Caroline Broome , Steve Snowdon , Jayne Austin , Sangeeta Jheinga , Lacey Roberts , Nathaniel Christian-John , Alex McMorris
Costume Designer: Ryan Hooper
Animation Department: Henry Affonso
Make Up: Michael Birtley , Lucy Nickson , Stephanie Elkins , Rachel Smee , Danielle Jones
Assistant Director: Seth Elkins , Rebecca Heathcote , Nael Abbas
Art Department: Roy Payne , John McKenzie , Chris Bailey , Leah Page , Ian Lamb , Adam Hill , Gary Crumpton , Carol Payne
Camera and Electrical Department: Gavin Warwick , Ian Ogden , Paul Dingwall , Steven Lee Sinclair , Darren Bird , Tony Cook , Charles Bradlaugh , Adam Zimmerman , Paul Hanning , John Mason
Costume Department: Nicholas Nancarrow , Anna Rees , Sarah Hood
Production Design: Ash Wilkinson
Script Department: Pauline Grant , Andrew Burrell , Carley Armstrong
Stunt Performer: Clive Curtis
Location Management: Mark Valentine , Gareth Williams , Adam Johnston
Seasons: Catherine Willis
Casting Department: Sonia Allam , Seth Mason
Season: 4
Episode: 10
Number of Episodes: 63
Episode of: The Wild at Heart