The Whole Tooth

The Whole Tooth

Director: Boris Hiestand

Year: 2018

Season: 1, Episode: 26

Episodes: 103

Plot: Gnasher gnashes Walter's portrait so he retaliates with a titanium sausage leaving Gnasher toothless, miserable and without his mojo. Dennis and the gang will have to stage a heist to 'borrow' some diamonds until Gnasher's teeth grow back.
Original Title: The Whole Tooth
Director: Boris Hiestand
Writer: Michelle Forde , James Walsh
Producer: Philip Dobree , Michael Elson
Type: episode
Year: 2018
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Boris Hiestand , Rasmus Hardiker , Freddie Fox
Original Air Date: 21 Feb 2018
Producer: Philip Dobree , Michael Elson
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Rob Lord
Editor: Beverly Maguire
Editorial Department: Andrew Oakey
Visual Effects: Miguel A.S. Cogolludo , Denis-Jose Francois , Tom Brass , George Petkov , Sonia Juan Rubio , Jack Mumford , Will Evans , Francesco Gallo , Carol Canovas , Emma Ihecherenoma , Jan Krocak , Dave Wells
Miscellaneous Crew: David Peacock , Megan Buchholz , Georgie Beattie
Animation Department: Mariella Capasso , Henry Affonso , Mati Benlloch , Tom Errington
Season: 1
Episode: 26
Number of Episodes: 103
Episode of: The Whole Tooth