The Welcome Back

The Welcome Back


Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 8

Plot: Chloe Fieldman and the rest of her covert team of operatives follow the trail of a young girl's disappearance to uncover a massive sex trafficking ring that takes them all the way to Manila.
Original Title: The Welcome Back
Producer: Brian Robles , Aaron D. Spears
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Cast: Charlene Reyes , Aaron D. Spears , Gary Anthony Sturgis
Original Air Date: 05 May 2022
Cinematographer: Kalani Mackson
Producer: Brian Robles , Aaron D. Spears
Production Manager: Sarah S. Fisher
Composer: Gregory Michael De Iulio
Editor: John VonMutius
Editorial Department: Mike Bonner , John VonMutius
Sound Crew: Hisham Billal
Visual Effects: Jake Bentley
Miscellaneous Crew: Jeremiah Grays
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 8
Episode of: The Welcome Back