The Ultimate Farewell

The Ultimate Farewell

Director: Naoyuki Itô , Jeff Nimoy

Year: 2008

Season: 1, Episode: 48

Episodes: 48

Plot: Everyone in the world watches fearfully as the human world and the digital world come closer and closer to colliding. The DATS team appear exhausted and unable to prevent tragedy from happening. King Drasil, in its computer form known as 2-9000WZ, cannot understand why the Data Squad continues to fight when chances of victory are virtually zero percent. Adults, children, and digimon planetwide invoke the light of their DNA charges to answer DATS' plea for help. When the hearts of all humans and digimon becoming one, Marcus & Agumon activate Burst Mode and are able to deal the decisive punch to destroy 2-9000WZ. 2-9000WZ concedes defeat, acknowledging that humans and digimon hold potential for growth as long as both stand together. The collision between both worlds stops, and all DATS are reunited with their loved ones in celebration. Sarah, Marcus and Kristy are stunned when Spencer finally returns to them, a gift from King Drasil. Despite their victory, the Digimon ask that they return to help rebuild the Digital World, before the Digital Gate is closed for an undetermined length of time. The news makes Marcus angry because he doesn't want Agumon to leave. Each of the DATS digimon spend their last day on Earth together with their human partners. At the last possible moment, Marcus arrives in a rush telling Agumon he's coming with him to the Digital World! With Merucimon gone, there's no one there to keep the digimon in order. So Marcus and Agumon will be the new peacekeepers. Spencer whole-heartedly supports Marcus' decision. Five years pass. Back in the human world, Kristy and Keenan attend middle school together. Thomas receives the Nobel Prize for curing Relena's illness. Yoshi, Megumi and Miki all work for Sashima in law enforcement. Yushima still enjoys fishing. In the Digital world, Marcus and Agumon have became the justices of peace and find it's still often... fightin' time!—Anonymous
Original Title: The Ultimate Farewell
Director: Naoyuki Itô , Jeff Nimoy
Writer: Jessica Renslow , Akiyoshi Hongo , Ryôta Yamaguchi
Producer: Kôji Kaneda , Atsutoshi Umezawa , Hiroaki Shibata , Shin'ichi Ikeda , Jamie Simone
Type: episode
Year: 2008
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Thriller
Cast: Kari Wahlgren , Stephanie Sheh , Henry Dittman , Kate Higgins , Quinton Flynn , Brian Beacock , Crispin Freeman , Skip Stellrecht , Colleen O'Shaughnessey , Dorothy Elias-Fahn , Brianne Brozey , Steve Blum , Jamieson Price , Sam Riegel , Mary Elizabeth McGlynn , Melissa Fahn , Kirk Thornton , Michael Lindsay , Michelle Ruff , Adam Bitterman , Mari Devon , Mona Marshall , Jeff Nimoy , Joe Ochman , Brad Sherwood , Peter Spellos , Terrence Stone
Runtimes: 22
Original Air Date: 08 Nov 2008
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 27
Year: 2008
Production Companies: TeleMadrid , Toei Animation
Producer: Kôji Kaneda , Atsutoshi Umezawa , Hiroaki Shibata , Shin'ichi Ikeda , Jamie Simone
Production Manager: Shosuke Okade
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Thorsten Laewe
Miscellaneous Crew: Jessica Renslow , Jeff Nimoy
Art Department: Yoshihiro Watanabe , Sayo Aoi
Season: 1
Episode: 48
Number of Episodes: 48
Episode of: The Ultimate Farewell