The Tides of Retribution

The Tides of Retribution

Director: J. Farrell MacDonald

Year: 1915

Plot: Seeking employment, Tom Larkin comes to the little town where Jim Carpenter, an inventive machinist, lives with his pretty wife, Nellie. Larkin is a good draftsman, and Carpenter engages him to work on the plans for an engine he is building. Realizing that Carpenter has invented a marvelous engine, Larkin schemes to ruin the model and steal the plans. On the day of the test he tampers with the model, there is an explosion, and Carpenter's wife is blinded. In the excitement Larkin gets away with the plans and, assuming the name of Fenner, goes to an obscure village to perfect the invention. Here he meets Virginia Shirley, daughter of a stern old man, and breaks her heart. Thrown on her own resources, she makes use of her natural talents and in time becomes famous as a music hall artist under the name of Madame Laverne. The outbreak of the war causes her to leave Paris and sail for America. Larkin, also, whom the stolen invention has made wealthy, takes the same boat, occupying the stateroom de luxe. Carpenter has long since taken Nellie abroad in the hope of having her sight restored. This failing, they have eked out a wretched existence until now, when the American consulate sends them home. Virginia pities the blind wife and takes her out of the steerage to her own luxurious stateroom. She has recognized Larkin, and has noted his start of surprise on sight of Carpenter. Learning from Carpenter how Larkin stole his invention, she determines to wreak a double vengeance upon her betrayer, who does not recognize in this mature woman the little country girl he wooed. She allures him, plies him with wine, gets into his stateroom, finds Carpenter's original plans, then brings the two face to face. There is a fight, ended by the captain of the vessels, who takes command of the situation and forces Larkin to sign a confession. Only when Virginia signs her name as witness does Larkin recognize her.—Moving Picture World synopsis
Original Title: The Tides of Retribution
Director: J. Farrell MacDonald
Type: movie
Year: 1915
Genres: Short
Cast: Jack Mulhall , Vera Sisson , G. Raymond Nye , Gretchen Hartman , Edward Cecil , Kate Bruce
Countries: United States
Languages: None , English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Silent
Original Air Date: 22 Dec 1915 (USA)
Production Companies: Biograph Company
Distributors: General Film Company