The Story of the Elephant Bird

The Story of the Elephant Bird

Director: An Vrombaut

Year: 1999

Season: 1, Episode: 13

Episodes: 104

Plot: NELSON the ELEPHANT is frustrated with doing elephanty things. One day, when he observes a little weaverbird, he decides he wants to be a bird too and learn to fly! He sets about his self-imposed task with extreme dedication and seriousness. Unfortunately, flapping his ears and jumping doesn't work. Sometime later as Nelson walks through the savannah in a sulk he bumps into a Helicopter tree dislodging a whirling Helicopter tree seed which gives Nelson a brainwave.The recently inspired NELSON builds a flying rotor made from three banana leaves and attaches it to a harness on his back. He asks NATHALIE the ANTELOPE to turn the leaves to wind up the rotor and yes: It works! He manages to hover a foot above the ground and flutter round the savannah looking smug. Using his ears to steer, NELSON sets off on his maiden flight. For a while all the animals are pleased for NELSON... but then he makes a great big nest in the Baobab tree and tries to hatch five watermelons... with disastrous results. Feeling sad and dejected, NELSON heads back to the baobob tree and sits in his nest sulking. Now the other animals feel sorry for NELSON. The SNIP SNIP BIRD says the animals need a big strong elephant to pull away a log that has rolled in front of the snakes' burrow. NELSON gladly obliges. Then NATHALIE the ANTELOPE's flower garden needs watering. NELSON is happy again because he feels important and announces his retirement as a bird. He has broken the world elephant flying record and that's enough. The sky is for birds!
Original Title: The Story of the Elephant Bird
Director: An Vrombaut
Writer: John Grace , Keith Brumpton , An Vrombaut
Type: episode
Year: 1999
Genres: Animation, Family
Runtimes: 11
Original Air Date: 11 May 1999
Production Companies: Backup Media , Cofanim
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Rowland Lee
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 104
Episode of: The Story of the Elephant Bird