The Replacements

The Replacements

Director: Michael McDonald

Year: 2006

Season: 11, Episode: 5

Episodes: 243

Plot: Lucy tells two girls that they won't get access to the pregnancy-home apartments, neither through her nor Annie, but such cheap rent remains a prize worth fighting for. When Eric's car breaks down, he learns that T-Bone, the movie-ticket seller who has a crush on Lucy, is actually a courageous abandoned kid. When the girls come the Camden house, they recognize T-Bone as "Theodore." Eric lets them stay for one night until Annie returns, even after discovering that they smoke pot, but Annie returns early and leaves it to the pastors to find a solution for the girls. Sandy makes Eric listen over the phone to her boyfriend Daniel, who she now believes to want only loveless sex and housekeeping comfort; as he states upfront intentions, Martin barges in. T-Bone insists that he can't stay or he'll spill the beans as long as Eric hasn't told the family about his heart problems, which he guessed after witnessing Kevin's sacrificed trousers . Eric only tells Annie about his intention to keep home-schooling the twins.—KGF Vissers
Original Title: The Replacements
Director: Michael McDonald
Writer: Brenda Hampton
Producer: Pamela S. Cotton , Chris Olsen , Jeff Olsen , Jeffrey Rodgers , Elaine Arata , Brenda Hampton , Vicki Huff , Shawn Kostanian , Lindsley Parsons III
Type: episode
Year: 2006
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Cast: George Stults , Happy , Aaron Staton , Stephen Collins , Catherine Hicks , Beverley Mitchell , Nikolas Brino , Lorenzo Brino , Tyler Hoechlin , Haylie Duff , Colton James , Sarah Wright , Andrea Morris
Runtimes: 41
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 29 Oct 2006
Rating: 6.9
Votes: 68
Year: 2006
Akas: The Replacements (United States)
Production Companies: Spelling Television
Distributors: Paramount Home Entertainment , TV2 , The CW Network (The CW) , VOX
Cinematographer: Ronald E. High
Producer: Pamela S. Cotton , Chris Olsen , Jeff Olsen , Jeffrey Rodgers , Elaine Arata , Brenda Hampton , Vicki Huff , Shawn Kostanian , Lindsley Parsons III
Production Manager: Lindsley Parsons III
Certificates: United Kingdom:12 , United States:TV-G , United States:TV-14
Composer: Dan Foliart
Editor: Ellen Ring Jacobson
Editorial Department: Thomas Wallerstein , Bill Missett
Sound Crew: Emily McCullough , John Peccatiello , Ed Fassl , Dan Giannattasio , Takako Ishikawa , Joshua E. Schneider , Robert Wald
Music Department: Mark Heyes , Celest Ray
Miscellaneous Crew: Steven Yell , Cindy Swartz , Wendy Wilke , Vicki Matlin , Cathy Churchman , Carol Marie
Other Companies: Central Casting
Costume Designer: Sherry Thompson
Make Up: Kim Messina , Lisa Rocco , Kevin Westmore
Assistant Director: Kathryn Francis Tucker , Richard Espinoza , Karen Reinhart
Art Department: Kevin E. Vermeersch , Jonathan B. Lee , Kurt Miller , Donald E. Brown , Jessica McDonald , Mitch Thomason
Camera and Electrical Department: Malissa Schayes , Adam Sudtell , Bryan Fletchall , Chris Stanman , Kazuhiko Takeuchi , William L. Asman , G. Smokey Campbell , Darryl Cowherd , Jim Nygren , Edward C. Peters , Michael Raspa , Robert West Sr.
Set Decoration: Mary Ann Good
Costume Department: Steve Sharp
Production Design: Michael DiMeo
Script Department: Gail Bradley
Location Management: Michael Beche
Number of Seasons: Tim Crutchfield , David Bassett
Seasons: Vicki Huff
Casting Department: Pamela Shae , Toni Avalos , Rayvan Wray
Season: 11
Episode: 5
Number of Episodes: 243
Episode of: The Replacements