The Presumption of Justice

The Presumption of Justice

Director: Boris Malagurski , Ivana Rajovic

Year: 2012

Plot: Through the socio-political overview of the problematic structure of fan clubs and football supporters in Serbia, this movie focuses on a particular case of an incident involving a French citizen - football fan in Belgrade, which led to 12 young people being convicted to 240 years of prison. One of them is Stefan Velickovic. This is the story about the man who became a part of a huge political scandal, and his right to defend himself. As someone who has not even been at the spot of the incident, he has been pronounced guilty of a crime. What are the interests and intentions for making Stefan a scapegoat?—Anonymous
Original Title: The Presumption of Justice
Director: Boris Malagurski , Ivana Rajovic
Writer: Boris Malagurski , Dina Harovic , Ivana Rajovic
Producer: Boris Malagurski
Type: movie
Year: 2012
Genres: Documentary, Short, Crime, History, Sport
Cast: Veran Matic , Boris Malagurski , Slobodan Georgiev , Slobodan Batricevic , Radmila Dragicevic Dicic
Runtimes: 41
Countries: Canada , Serbia and Montenegro
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: Jun 2012 (Serbia and Montenegro)
Rating: 5.0
Votes: 546
Year: 2012
Akas: Pretpostavka pravde (Serbia)
Cinematographer: Boris Malagurski , Ivana Rajovic
Producer: Boris Malagurski
Editor: Boris Malagurski , Ivana Rajovic
Sound Crew: Boris Malagurski
Visual Effects: Boris Malagurski
Miscellaneous Crew: Dina Harovic
Camera and Electrical Department: Ivana Rajovic