The Playboy Philosophy


The Playboy Philosophy


Year: 1966

Season: 1, Episode: 26

Episodes: 306

Plot: Buckley interviews a pipe-smoking Hugh Hefner on the topics of the Playboy Philosophy, the Sexual Revolution of the 20th century, and the utility of moral codes. Near the end of the program, Buckley contends that Hefner's espoused beliefs are inconsistent with the rigid guidelines for female employees at Hefner's clubs.—Anonymous
Original Title: The Playboy Philosophy
Type: episode
Year: 1966
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: William F. Buckley , Hugh Hefner
Original Air Date: 12 Sep 1966
Production Companies: Community Television of Southern California
Season: 1
Episode: 26
Number of Episodes: 306
Episode of: The Playboy Philosophy