The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

Director: David Mitton

Year: 2003

Season: 7, Episode: 4

Episodes: 589

Plot: Skarloey grows afraid of an old wooden bridge when he almost falls off it. Later, Rheneas breaks down on the bridge and Skarloey is the only engine available to help. Can he overcome his fear to help his friend?
Original Title: The Old Bridge
Director: David Mitton
Writer: Jenny McDade , Paul Larson , James Mason , Wilbert Awdry , Britt Allcroft , Arnold Margolin
Producer: Peter Urie , Philip D. Fehrle , Lee Pressman , Jocelyn Stevenson
Type: episode
Year: 2003
Genres: Animation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Michael Angelis , Alec Baldwin , Michael Brandon
Runtimes: 5
Original Air Date: 09 Oct 2003
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 71
Year: 2003
Production Companies: Gullane , HIT Entertainment
Producer: Peter Urie , Philip D. Fehrle , Lee Pressman , Jocelyn Stevenson
Production Manager: Andreas Fehrle , Matt Porter , Michele Vardy
Art Direction: Bob Gauld-Galliers
Certificates: Australia:G , United States:TV-Y
Composer: Mike O'Donnell , Junior Campbell , Robert Hartshorne
Editor: Robert Francis , Kate Buckland
Visual Effects: Jeremy King , Graham Riddell
Music Department: Mike O'Donnell
Miscellaneous Crew: Paul Larson , Peter Dunkerley , Britt Allcroft , Steve Asquith , Graeme MacArthur , Shelley Elizabeth Skinner
Assistant Director: Conrad Ayling
Camera and Electrical Department: John Attwell , Paul Cave , Giles Christopher
Special Effects: Steve Knowles
Script Department: Jan Page , James Mason , James Mason , Philip D. Fehrle , Robin Kingsland , Lee Pressman
Season: 7
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 589
Episode of: The Old Bridge