The New Frontier

The New Frontier

Director: Travis Mills

Year: 2021

Plot: One of 12 Westerns in 12 Months: this film tells the story of two women, isolated in the wilderness, whose peaceful life is forever changed when a third woman arrives one day. Along with her, a supernatural force lurks in the woods nearby.
Original Title: The New Frontier
Director: Travis Mills
Writer: Travis Mills
Producer: Travis Mills
Type: movie
Year: 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Western
Cast: Shanda Renee , Travis Mills , Jenna Ciralli , Cat Roberts , Elley Ringo , John Marrs , Alyssa Dufren , Angelina Stilwell , Lorraine Etchell , Todd South , Gemma Haraksin , Lucy South , Pequina Walker , Pinky Walker , Laura Jane Murphy
Runtimes: 65
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Original Air Date: 28 Oct 2021 (USA)
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 40
Year: 2021
Production Companies: 12 Westerns , Red Dun & Co. , Running Wild Films
Cinematographer: Jared Kovacs
Producer: Travis Mills
Composer: Christopher Hart
Miscellaneous Crew: John Marrs , William Carr , Todd South , Rod Rockman , Darell Mallon
Thanks: Wendy Memoli , Daniel Lee Simmons , Bill Rainey , Kathryn Phipps , Bill Carr , Tucson Vernon Walker , William E. Harris , Jason Phelps , Molly Cornwell , Erich Smith , Filip Önell , Jerry MacDonald , Kathryn Reid , Tony Gavin , Jon W. Perkins , Steve Burton , Carol S. Herrick , Tim Holloway , Thomas M. Thompson
Make Up: Allden Franko
Assistant Director: John Marrs
Costume Department: Renee Cloutier
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Location Management: Molly Cornwell