The Mind Machine

The Mind Machine

Director: Simon Hook

Year: 2009

Season: 3, Episode: 4

Episodes: 88

Plot: To Gupta's delight, Cambridge biochemistry professor Dr. Wallis guest-lectures. In fact it's his cover to be protected in the base with his new 'brain machine', which can give people a different personality. To headmaster Flatley's horror, St.Hope gets a surprise inspection from Mr. Richter, who insists to attend the guest lecture. One by one, the pupils and Flatley are turned into mental Siamese warrior fish, aggressive, Asian and fishy. Oscar not only evades them but also works out crucial switches. Deputy King hopes that Richter will give her crazy-acting Flatley's job.—KGF Vissers
Original Title: The Mind Machine
Director: Simon Hook
Writer: Jeff Dodds , Keith Brumpton
Producer: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd , Stephen Garrett , Ian Hogan , Alison Jackson , Sue Nott
Type: episode
Year: 2009
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Family, Thriller
Cast: Jonny Freeman , Ben Kerfoot , Rachel Petladwala , Channelle Owen , Charlene Osuagwu , Sam Melvin , Joe Cocklin , Anthony Genas , Eliza Cummings-Cove , Jenny Huxley Golden , Chris Stanton , Julian Bleach , Edward Halsted , Simon Meacock , Paul Shearer
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 27 Jan 2009
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 9
Year: 2009
Akas: The Mind Machine (United Kingdom)
Distributors: iTunes
Cinematographer: Andrew Johnson
Producer: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd , Stephen Garrett , Ian Hogan , Alison Jackson , Sue Nott
Composer: Tony Flynn
Editor: Josh Cunliffe
Editorial Department: James Hynes , Andy Elliott , Celine Goetz , Michelle Camp , Al Rogers
Sound Crew: Ben Brazier , Jonathan Wyatt , Jamie Ballinger , Stewart Morris , Kevin Brazier , Robert Brazier
Miscellaneous Crew: Dorothy Friend , Emma Brown , Rebecca Ferguson , Andrew Hill , Darren Green , Lucy Price , Cat Hadrill , Danny Albury , Graham Sewell , Maryllis Gonzalez , Nicola Lusk , Alison Barnett , Daniel Edwards , Leigh McGrath , Matthew Scrivener
Other Companies: WANT Medical Services
Costume Designer: Sally Churchyard
Make Up: Tara McDonald , Jennifer Harty , Sophie Roberts
Art Department: Mark Papworth , Rowanna Lacey , Rachael Jones , Marcus Smart , Steve Clark , Keith Dunne , Laurie Innes , Warren Stickley
Camera and Electrical Department: Carolina Schmidtholstein , Jon Yang , Bernhard Rostoski , Jaimz Williams , Matthew Hickin , John Harris , Rob Jackson , Stefan Whatcott , Colin Hutton
Costume Department: Tracy McGregor , Kerry Ferris , Jan Leung Kwai Chun
Production Design: Ed Turner
Stunt Performer: Richard Bradshaw
Number of Seasons: Lee Pellett
Seasons: Amanda Tabak
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 88
Episode of: The Mind Machine