The Loss of the Argonaut


The Loss of the Argonaut

Director: Clark Haas

Year: 1965

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 21

Original Title: The Loss of the Argonaut
Director: Clark Haas
Writer: Warren Tufts , Pat Kearin
Producer: Dick Brown
Type: episode
Year: 1965
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Warren Tufts
Original Air Date: 1965
Rating: 7.0
Votes: 8
Year: 1965
Production Companies: Cambridge Studios Inc. , TV III
Distributors: TV III
Cinematographer: Edwin Gillette
Producer: Dick Brown
Production Manager: Fred Darley
Art Direction: Dan Mills
Editor: Bud Hoffman
Sound Crew: Dale Knight
Miscellaneous Crew: Edwin Gillette
Other Companies: Filmservice Laboratories
Art Department: Jack Healey , Vic Donahue , Ron Kriss , Fred Paul , Ray Vinella , Jeff Schrier , Charles Christianson , Ray Manabe , Joe Messerli , Clark Haas
Camera and Electrical Department: Cliff Selkirk , Jon Burchill , Marshall Oliphant , Bill Fitton , Victor Fisher
Script Department: Wendy Jackson
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 21
Episode of: The Loss of the Argonaut