The Letter: Part 4

The Letter: Part 4

Director: Dave Christiano

Year: 2009

Season: 2, Episode: 12

Episodes: 64

Plot: Andi learns a lesson about surrendering to God's will.
Original Title: The Letter: Part 4
Director: Dave Christiano
Writer: Dave Christiano
Producer: Dave Christiano
Type: episode
Year: 2009
Genres: Drama
Cast: Hugh McLean , Johanna Jowett , Stacey J. Aswad , Mark Scarboro , Cody Harding , Jack Kelly , Shane Willimon
Runtimes: 26
Original Air Date: 16 Apr 2009
Producer: Dave Christiano
Certificates: United States:TV-G
Composer: Charles Carpenter
Editor: Dave Christiano
Sound Crew: Fred Pachter , Andrew Lindley
Music Department: Jasper Randall
Make Up: Dana Russell
Art Department: Fred Pachter
Camera and Electrical Department: Barry Bowen , Ryan Cumbo , Shane McMullin , Jeremy Hufstetler
Costume Department: Dana Russell
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Number of Episodes: 64
Episode of: The Letter: Part 4