The Last Resort

The Last Resort

Director: Bruno Bianchi

Year: 1985

Season: 1, Episode: 12

Episodes: 26

Plot: Hulk and friends get invited to a new hotel but end up having to fill in for the staff that recently quit.
Original Title: The Last Resort
Director: Bruno Bianchi
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Type: episode
Year: 1985
Genres: Animation, Action, Comedy, Family
Original Air Date: 26 Oct 1985
Rating: 6.8
Votes: 9
Year: 1985
Production Companies: DIC Entertainment , Titan Sports , World Wrestling Federation
Certificates: United States:TV-Y7
Miscellaneous Crew: John Andrucci , Marsha Goodman , Cyndi Lauper , Stu Rosen , David Wolff
Other Companies: Hanho Heung-Up Company , SHAFT , Wang Film Productions Company
Animation Department: Marco Sabbatini
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: The Last Resort