The Last Journey of the Vikings
tv mini series

The Last Journey of the Vikings


Year: 2020

Seasons: 1

Plot: Nearly 1,000 years ago, the Vikings left Scandinavia and settled across Europe - giving their name to Normandy along the way - before their Norman descendants seized the English throne at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. But what do we really know about them? By combining expert analysis with compelling drama, 'The Last Journey of the Vikings' (Swedish title: 'Vikingarnas sista resa') tells a new and often surprising story about this complex people.—Mopar Media Group
Original Title: Vikingernes sidste rejse
Writer: Hans Jörnlind , Simon Moser , James Velasquez
Type: tv mini series
Year: 2020
Genres: Documentary, History
Cast: Brian Matthews Murphy , Kristine Kenina , Megan O'Malley , Joseph Duggan , Anna Czarska , Dmitry Vinokurov , Clodagh Moriarty , Ben Raffield , Brian Kearns , Helena Victor , James Myles Farrell , Sarah Croix , Christopher Mac Donnchaidh , Stiofain Creaven , William Lynn , Sebastian Conlon , Éidín Griffin , Enda Cotter , James Maguire , John Kinsella , Chris Tallon , Pernilla August , Marian Caparrós
Runtimes: 50
Countries: Sweden
Languages: French , English , Swedish
Color Info: Color
Rating: 7.3
Votes: 109
Year: 2020
Akas: Vikingarnas sista resa (Sweden) , The Last Journey of the Vikings (India, English title) , The Last Journey of the Vikings (United States) , The Last Journey of the Vikings (World-wide, English title) , The Last Journey of the Vikings (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Mopar Media Group , France Télévisions , Investment Incentives for the Irish Film Industry Provided by the Government of Ireland , Nordic Entertainment Group
Distributors: Nordic Entertainment Group , France Télévisions , Discovery Channel , GEO Television , RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana , Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)
Box Office: EUR2,500,000 (estimated)
Other Companies: CAN Film , Film Finances Scandinavia , Firstlight Media , Hiscox , MIB Insurance Services , Nordic United , People in the Park , Sidewalk Catering , Windmill Lane
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2020-2020