The Land Protected by Light

The Land Protected by Light


Year: 2020

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 12

Plot: Kami no Ouji, the Prince of Darkness, and Iris, the Queen of Light, wish to bring balance to the Kingdoms of Black and the White. Will an alliance between them result in peace or eternal destruction?
Original Title: The Land Protected by Light
Type: episode
Year: 2020
Genres: Animation, Action, Fantasy, Romance
Cast: Jennifer Losi , Arnie Pantoja , Sarah Anne Williams , Brad Venable , Brandon Potter , River Kanoff , Daman Mills , Dorah Fine , Giselle Fernandez , Tiana Camacho , Jas Patrick , Dino Andrade , Zeno Robinson , Ari Ross
Runtimes: 23
Original Air Date: 06 Apr 2020
Rating: 6.9
Votes: 15
Year: 2020
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Miscellaneous Crew: Nazeeh Tarsha
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 12
Episode of: The Land Protected by Light