The Lady Makers

The Lady Makers

Director: Tony Tite

Year: 2022

Plot: A caring housekeeper and a protective gardener support three elderly Jewish sisters who are left to keep what remains of a most unique vow. Three wayward young women are on a destructive path of pain and sorrow. The six lives are merged when a merciful judge grants the young women a lifeline of hope, but cultural and moral differences create an expected resistance as the young women fight against the sisters' rules of decency and respect. All are forced to confront the realities of their decisions when the power of redemption attempts to cross the barriers of ethnic tensions. Considered one of the best drama movies of 2022, The Lady Makers does not disappoint. This independent produced, feature film has guts.
Original Title: The Lady Makers
Director: Tony Tite
Writer: Tony Tite
Producer: Kathy Patterson Taylor , Boyzie Lee Mathis , E. Warren Davis
Type: movie
Year: 2022
Genres: Drama
Cast: Tiffany Underwood , Robert Berlin , Pepi Streiff , Penelope Grover , Shantel Jackson , Sallye Hooks , Becky Holt , Amber Reign Smith , Frank O. Butler , Rebecca DeRienzo , Erin Day , Austin Janowsky , Isa Goldberg , Kris Kozlowski , Shiquita James , Deidra Starr , Mario Williams , Rob Eubanks , Bella Martin , Miller Robinson , Larry Blanks , Kate Arloe , Becka Hardy , Caroline Carter , Kalece Harrison , Kendra Pepe , Juan Szilagyi , Suzan Norton , John J. O'Neill Jr. , Patti Mactas , Andrew Fincham , Shia Peterson , Michael Puthuff , Boston Phillips , Danielle Madison , E. Warren Davis , Susan Denise Cohen , Jordyn McIntosh , Lupe Leon , Charles Batson , Jasmine Guy , Jim Hackett , Julia Silverman
Runtimes: 122
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 2022 (USA)
Rating: 5.0
Votes: 8
Year: 2022
Production Companies: Tite Creations
Distributors: Amazon Prime Video
Cinematographer: Kensly Fresh Agenor
Producer: Kathy Patterson Taylor , Boyzie Lee Mathis , E. Warren Davis
Production Manager: Boyzie Lee Mathis
Editor: Tony Tite
Sound Crew: Pavel Georgiev
Miscellaneous Crew: Victoria Allen , Olivia Carew , Caleb Wyatt
Other Companies: Akker
Make Up: Al Scott , Kelli Jones , TK Bell , Shakira Kali Montgomery , Corliss Kay
Assistant Director: Tery Wilson
Art Department: Wynne Swick
Camera and Electrical Department: Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. , Tery Wilson , Justin Wyatt , Freddie Lee Jones III , Zihao Wang , Hannah McIntyre , Neta Zuk , Alison Miller
Set Decoration: Kathy Patterson Taylor
Costume Department: Greg Lockett , Terri Morales-Davis
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Miranda Clay
Location Management: Boyzie Lee Mathis
Seasons: Greg Lockett
Casting Department: Curtis Brooks