The kids don't stand a chance

The kids don't stand a chance

Director: Gianlorenzo Lombardi

Year: 2016

Plot: The cultural differences between an upbeat Italian and a distant Parisian in a frenetic suburbia.
Original Title: Les mecs n'ont pas de chance
Director: Gianlorenzo Lombardi
Writer: Gianlorenzo Lombardi
Producer: Tanja Todorova
Type: movie
Year: 2016
Genres: Short, Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Augustin Jacob , Felix Rouliere , Claudia Fortunato , Matthieu Brion , Kevin Tussidor , Jérémy Ponthieux , Pierre-Emmanuel Parlato , Eugenio Macrì Bellucci , Mike Desa , Carlo Meo , Carlo De Chiara , Sandra Castellano
Runtimes: 35
Countries: France , Italy
Languages: French , Italian
Color Info: Black and White
Akas: The kids don't stand a chance (United States)
Production Companies: Drive-in pictures , Hybrid , Université Paris VIII
Cinematographer: Liam Testasecca
Producer: Tanja Todorova
Production Manager: Vincent Fichera , Tito Mignot , Aisan Aibaidula
Art Direction: Luiza Strauss
Box Office: EUR4,000 (estimated)
Composer: Edoardo Mariotti
Editor: Ki-Won Jeon
Sound Crew: Valerian Cirade , Gaspard Malgrange
Make Up: Sarah Abena
Assistant Director: Sabrina Pennacchietti , Alessandra Valente
Art Department: Mattia Savelli
Camera and Electrical Department: Sean Dwyer , Raphael Urbain , Guilherm Bitaille , Guido Grassadonio
Script Department: Ellen Fitzpatrick , Maryia Herilovich
Casting Department: Mona Flammer , Nina Parent