The Human Monster (1939)

The Human Monster (1939)


Year: 2007

Season: 1, Episode: 16

Episodes: 159

Plot: This is one strange hacked-together film, you get the feeling that the bond company had to come in on this one, I'm not surprised - there's very few credits on it, who would want to be associated with this film? The acting of all involved is terribly stilted and the plot jumps around all over, it all makes very little sense. As I said before it looks like the bond company had to come in because it seems like there was a lot of footage that wasn't shot that needed to be, and all the music was very ill-fitting library music - cheap, I guess.—Nigel Honeybone
Original Title: The Human Monster (1939)
Writer: Iain Triffitt
Producer: Graham Garfield Barnard , Tim Newsom , Iain Triffitt
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Talk-Show, Thriller
Cast: Nikki Vukas , Iain Triffitt , Nigel Honeybone , Mark Spain
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Original Air Date: 13 Jun 2007
Akas: The Human Monster (1939) (Australia)
Production Companies: Barnard's Star Productions
Producer: Graham Garfield Barnard , Tim Newsom , Iain Triffitt
Composer: Tim Newsom , Tapir Farmer
Editor: Graham Garfield Barnard , Tim Newsom
Sound Crew: Graham Garfield Barnard , Tim Newsom
Miscellaneous Crew: Sue L. Tuckett , Iain Triffitt , Lisa 'Screamqueen' Lush
Thanks: Stephanie Lennon , Ryan Cauchi , Iain Triffitt , John Ginesi , Cat Sparks , Chris Newton , Steve Bolton , Bill Collins
Animation Department: Tim Newsom
Art Department: Robert O'Dwyer , Henri DeGorter
Camera and Electrical Department: Stephanie Lennon , Chris Newton
Number of Seasons: Stephanie Lennon , Llyn Triffitt
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 159
Episode of: The Human Monster (1939)