The Goodbye Girl

The Goodbye Girl

Director: Amber Ripley

Year: 2013

Plot: The Goodbye Girl is a surreal tale about a lonely young reaper (Jodelle Ferland) who escorts people across the threshold between life and death while collecting their final memories in a small pink suitcase.
Original Title: The Goodbye Girl
Director: Amber Ripley
Writer: Amber Ripley
Producer: Michelle Kim , Rob Merilees
Type: movie
Year: 2013
Genres: Short, Drama, Fantasy
Cast: Jessica Harmon , Ali Skovbye , Barbara Ellison , Dagan Nish , Don Briard , Macie Juiles , Amanda Escobar , Dane Calkins , Morgan Taylor , Alec Santos , Jodelle Ferland , David James Lewis
Runtimes: 11
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 8.4
Votes: 32
Year: 2013
Akas: The Goodbye Girl (Canada)
Production Companies: Goodbye Productions
Cinematographer: Sasha Popove
Producer: Michelle Kim , Rob Merilees
Production Manager: Mélanie Lê Phan
Composer: Jeff Toyne
Editor: Duff Smith
Editorial Department: Denny Dias , Andrea Dixon , Fredrik Thorsen
Sound Crew: Scott Carroll , Tony Gort , Ian Mackie , Roger Morris , Rick Senechal , Greg Stewart
Visual Effects: Trevor Adams , Mike Bishop
Music Department: Peter Iselin
Miscellaneous Crew: Paul Popeski , Virginia Prasad , Marly Reed , Kathleen Adams , Julia Patey , Ayla Drewitz , Adrienne Nye , Lilian Sepulveda , Stella Creary , John Latrofa , Elaine Whillier , Kimberly Rose , Mitch Allen , Amy Pridday , Constance Monnet , Kirk Thompson
Thanks: Duff Smith
Other Companies: Deluxe Vancouver , Post Modern Sound , Line 21 Media Services , Paul Popeski Law Office , Front Row Insurance Brokers , Clairmont Camera Film & Digital , William F. White International
Costume Designer: Amy Spear
Make Up: Margot Skelhorn , Connie Agawin , Maureen Chang
Assistant Director: Luke Barlow , Michelle Kee
Art Department: Chris MacDonald , Eron Carruth , Theresa Lum , Sophia Dagher , Tara Martellaro , Lilian Sepulveda
Camera and Electrical Department: Ed Brando , Nick Perry , Bettina Strauss , Tyler Jinx Moore , Avery Holliday , Terrance Azzuolo , Christian Lai , Michael Yoo , Yuri Cabrera , Shane McLeod , Peter Planta , Hanna Menon , Austin Mollins , Chris Tambosso , Tyler McGrath , Thomas Walk , Bryce St. Christopher , Paul Shull , Gabe Alderman , Vince Laxton , Christopher Moone , Sasha Popove
Set Decoration: Chris MacDonald , Eron Carruth , Leivon Reid , Hunter Perry
Costume Department: Erin da Roza
Production Design: Eron Carruth
Special Effects: Darcy Davis , Chad Sayn
Script Department: Suze Dunbar
Stunt Performer: Darcy Davis , Chad Sayn
Location Management: Victoria Bennett , Victoria Angell
Number of Seasons: Jerry Popove
Seasons: Kris Woznesensky
Casting Department: Judy Lee , Suzana Plesca
Special Effects Companies: Fort York VFX