The Good Death

The Good Death

Director: David J. Burke

Year: 1994

Season: 1, Episode: 21

Episodes: 57

Plot: The Seaquest inadvertently fires on a sub carrying children. During the rescue a few crew members end up in an evil dictator's country, on the run from the government which is trying to kill the children.
Original Title: The Good Death
Director: David J. Burke
Writer: Douglas Burke , Rockne S. O'Bannon , Hans Tobeason
Producer: David J. Burke , Robert Engels , Patrick Hasburgh , David Kemper , Lindsley Parsons III , Les Sheldon , Steven Spielberg
Type: episode
Year: 1994
Genres: Action, Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
Cast: Garfield Bright , Darwin , Roy Scheider , Stacy Haiduk , Don Franklin , Jonathan Brandis , John D'Aquino , Royce D. Applegate , Ted Raimi , Marco Sanchez , Stephanie Beacham , Luis Guzmán , Marianne Hagan , Carlos Carrasco , Dustin Nguyen , Richard Herd , Christopher M. Brown , Guillermo Zapata , Frank Welker , Lou Cass
Runtimes: 43
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby
Original Air Date: 15 May 1994
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 128
Year: 1994
Akas: The Good Death (United States)
Production Companies: Amblin Entertainment , Universal Television
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Synopsis: The seaQuest is tricked into capturing a sub believed to be smuggling emeralds. When the crew members board her, they are shocked to discover Westphalen's daughter, Malique, who is rescuing underclass children from slaughter by death squads.
Cinematographer: Kenneth Zunder
Producer: David J. Burke , Robert Engels , Patrick Hasburgh , David Kemper , Lindsley Parsons III , Les Sheldon , Steven Spielberg
Production Manager: Peter Mavromates
Certificates: United States:TV-PG , United States:TV-14::(The Roku Channel)
Composer: John Debney
Editor: Michael Stern
Sound Crew: Andrew Spencer Dawson , Jeffrey Kaplan , Bill Meadows , Robb Navrides , Troy Porter , Douglas Shamburger
Visual Effects: Bruce Hall , John F. Gross
Music Department: Vince De Rosa , Peter Davison , John Debney , Lori L. Eschler , Malcolm McNab
Miscellaneous Crew: Jim Pearson , Robert Ballard , Eric Dyson , Joan Egan Foglia , Fred Tepper
Costume Designer: Michael T. Boyd
Animation Department: Fred Tepper
Make Up: Denise Paulson , Julie Hill-Parker , Dayne Johnson , Erin Koplow
Assistant Director: Kimberly Law , Brian Sofsky
Art Department: Jim S. Williams , Michael W. Moore , Joan Bernier , Dawn Brown , Ricardo F. Delgado , John Eaves , John Harrington , Daniel R. Jennings , Jeffrey Scott Taylor , Kurt Thoresen
Camera and Electrical Department: Dennis Parker , Scott Stuart , Ben Betts , Andy Clapp , Hjortur Gretarsson , Robert Kositchek , Edward C. Peters , Randy Shanofsky , Joseph T. Terranova , Marc Wostak
Set Decoration: Brenda Meyers-Ballard
Costume Department: Marie Boller , Stanley Moore , Emae Villalobos
Special Effects: Dennis Yeager II
Script Department: Suzan Lowitz
Stunt Performer: Bryan Hanna , Lex D. Geddings , Tommy Mack Turvey
Number of Seasons: Manuel Angel Gonzalez , Doug Wilson
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Number of Episodes: 57
Episode of: The Good Death