The Fiddle Player

The Fiddle Player

Director: Jingnan Wang

Year: 2019

Plot: Ophelia is a talented violinist whose passion for the strings rules every facet of her life. But in this highly selective classical music world, you need more than just talent to succeed. Life and failure brings her down her knees. In a twist of fate, she bumps into Flora, her old rival and friend from Juilliard, who generously invites her to play at a soiree she'll be hosting. It is an opportunity of a life time for Ophelia, because all the top agents will be there. When Ophelia shows up awaiting her turn to play, it turns out to be Flora's cruel joke to crush Ophelia, once and for all. To everyone's surprise, a new Ophelia emerges. She doesn't leave like a loser, but plays like a champion like she always has been.—Jay
Original Title: The Fiddle Player
Director: Jingnan Wang
Writer: Yijun Zhu
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Short, Drama
Cast: Claire-Monique Martin , Kelsey Andrae
Runtimes: 10
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Akas: The Fiddle Player (United States)
Synopsis: On this day, violinist Ophelia goes to the long-awaited Lincoln Center's Geffen Hall for her final round of auditions. Very soon she will no longer be a nobody, a street performer wandering about in New York. Not only will she perform at the Lincoln Center, she will also be a member of the New York Philharmonic. However, just before she gets the offer, she is told that "there's been a mistake." Dragging her tired shell of a body back to her small rental home, Ophelia finds on the door a landlord's notice, asking her to either pay rent within 24 hours or pack up and leave. Before she could pause and think, her mother Ms. Banks calls, asking her about the interview. When she learns that her daughter fails yet again, Ms. Banks asks her to stop daydreaming. It's time to wake up and give up. While Ophelia's younger sister is still in law school with an expensive tuition, she certainly won't be like Ophelia who graduated from the Juilliard School without a job. Ms. Banks advises her to find a real job, and make violin her hobby. It will serve her good both physically and mentally. Unsurprisingly, mother and daughter start arguing over the phone, which is not the first time they disagree on what Ophelia should do with her life...In the darkness of the night, Ophelia spots the dozens of rejection letters that she has thumb-tagged against the dead, cool fireplace. Now her heart is as cool as the fireplace. Not knowing what will happen to her tomorrow, she cleans up the traces of herself in the rental home. She, Ophelia Banks, has to bow to reality. She throws on a hoodie from her Juilliard years and goes downstairs to the convenience store to buy cigarette. There she bumps into Flo, her old archenemy back at Juilliard. Because of Ophelia, Flo was always overshadowed. But now, compared to her glamorous old classmate donning a shimmery gown, Ophelia feels embarrassed. When she is about to slip out, Flo recognizes her. After a short exchange, Flo invites Ophelia to a private concert at her Upper East Side estate a few days later where all the big shots in the industry are coming. Ophelia can't believe her luck, and accepted her old classmate's generous invitation.Accompanied by her beloved musical instrument, Ophelia arrives at Flo's luxurious home full of hope and dreams again. And yet, Flo is still the same old Flo-she has no intention of introducing anyone to Ophelia at all. It is just another cruel joke she pulls on Ophelia. From the first day they met, Flo has been jealous of Ophelia, a girl from a small town. She is jealous of Ophelia's talent, and her persistence. She can't bear the thought of Ophelia, raised by her single mother, entering the elite circle that belongs to her. That stupid girl can't even even feed herself!Ophelia feels humiliated, but she doesn't run away this time. Although no one gives her permission, no one offers her the stage, Ophelia gets ready, and sets her beloved violin at the same old spot in her shoulder blade. She closes her eyes, opens her heart, and plays for no one but herself. Tomorrow may still be difficult, but for now as long as she has her music, she can still have her dreams.
Box Office: $20,000 (estimated)
Editor: Yang-Lun Kaltenborn