The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man

Director: David Lynch

Year: 1980

Plot: A Victorian surgeon rescues a heavily disfigured man who is mistreated while scraping a living as a side-show freak. Behind his monstrous façade, there is revealed a person of kindness, intelligence and sophistication.
Original Title: The Elephant Man
Director: David Lynch
Writer: Christopher De Vore , Eric Bergren , David Lynch , Frederick Treves , Ashley Montagu
Producer: Mel Brooks , Stuart Cornfeld , Jonathan Sanger
Type: movie
Year: 1980
Genres: Biography, Drama
Cast: Richard Hunter , Barrie Holland , Kevin Schumm , Peter Ross-Murray , Otto Friese , Richard Atherton , Norman Gay , Alan Cope , Frances Baker , George Holdcroft , Anthony Hopkins , John Hurt , Anne Bancroft , John Gielgud , Wendy Hiller , Freddie Jones , Michael Elphick , Hannah Gordon , Helen Ryan , John Standing , Dexter Fletcher , Lesley Dunlop , Phoebe Nicholls , Pat Gorman , Claire Davenport , Orla Pederson , Patsy Smart , Frederick Treves , Stromboli , James Cormack , Robert Lewis Bush , Roy Evans , Joan Rhodes , Nula Conwell , Tony London , Alfie Curtis , Bernadette Milnes , Brenda Kempner , Carol Harrison , Hugh Manning , Dennis Burgess , Fanny Carby , William Morgan Sheppard , Kathleen Byron , Gerald Case , David Ryall , Deirdre Costello , Pauline Quirke , Kenny Baker , Chris Greener , Marcus Powell , Gilda Cohen , Lesley Scoble , Teri Scoble , Eiji Kusuhara , Robert Day , Patricia Hodge , Tommy Wright , Peter Davidson , John Rapley , Hugh Spight , Teresa Codling , Marion Betzold , Caroline Haigh , Florenzio Morgado , Victor Kravchenko , Beryl Hicks , Michele Amas , Lucie Alford , Penny Wright , Janie Kells , Lydia Lisle , Leslie Adams , Jack Armstrong , Eric Bergren , Adam Caine , Ina Clare , Tony Clarkin , Dave Cooper , Christopher De Vore , Harry Fielder , Chick Fowles , Jill Goldston , Juba Kennerley , Cyril Kent , David Lynch , Jay McGrath , Ralph G. Morse , Henry Roberts , Ian Selby , Guy Standeven , Reg Thomason , Fred Wood
Runtimes: 124
Countries: United States , United Kingdom
Languages: English , French
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono::(Criterion Collection) , Dolby Stereo
Original Air Date: 1983 (India)
Rating: 8.2
Votes: 252905
Year: 1980
Akas: Elephant Man (Japan, English title) , Elephant Man (France) , Der Elefantenmensch (Germany) , L'home elefant (Spain, Catalan title) , El hombre elefante (Spain)
Production Companies: Brooksfilms
Distributors: Paramount Pictures , Columbia-EMI-Warner , Solopan , Adams Filmi , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , Consorzio Italiano Distributori Indipendenti Film (CIDIF) , Constantin Film , Gaumont , Greater Union Organisation (GUO) , Kommunenes Filmcentral (KF) , Sandrew Film & Teater , Toho-Towa , Zagreb Film , Özen Film , Paramount Home Entertainment , Sociedade Importadora de Filmes (SIF) , Thorn EMI Video , Thorn EMI Video Australia , Transeuropa Video Entertainment (TVE) , VTI Home Vídeo , National Film Development Corporation , NHK-BS2 , TV3 , Thorn EMI Video , La Cinq , Nelonen , RCV Home Entertainment , Sandrew Metronome Distribution , Sandrews , Zazie Films , Gativideo , Universal Home Video , Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment , Universal Pictures , Warner Home Video , Warner Home Video , Plus Video , IPA Asia Pacific , Universal Pictures Finland , Arthaus , Direct Star , Leader Music , Panorama Distributions , Divisa Home Video , The Criterion Channel , Carlotta Films , StudioCanal UK , Neo Films , Avalon , Paramount Channel
Synopsis: In 19th Century Victorian England, Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) wanders through an urban carnival in search of freak shows. He happens on a hideously deformed creature called The Elephant Man (John Hurt), and pays the owner Mr. Bytes (Freddie Jones) to examine it. Treves purpose is to present a paper to the Pathological Society and enhance his medical reputation.The Elephant Man returns from the seminar to Bytes and is beaten severely for wondering off. The man's injuries, as well as an attack from bronchitis, leads Treves to admit him to the hospital. In an attempt to convince the authorities to allow the man to stay, Treves endeavors to communicate with the person. During a meeting, Treves discovers that the man can talk and is educated. The Elephant Man's name is John Merrick and he reveals that he has had this strange disease since he was 14 which benign tumors grow all over his body, face and hands, in which he must sleep sitting up or he will die from suffocation. Merrick is given a room to live in and gradually becomes accepted by most members of the hospital staff. But one hospital night porter (Michael Elphick) sees a money spinner and each evening gathers a drunken crowd of people who will pay any price to see the freak.Treves attempts to introduce Merrick to London society and brings him over to meet with his wife (Hannah Gordon), who hides her shock at Merricks appearance. Soon the local newspapers run articles on Merrick. One is read by actress Mrs. Kendal (Ann Bancroft) who visits Merrick, tells him about her life in the theater and gives him a copy of Shakespeares plays.However the night porter is still in business in displaying Merrick. One evening, Bytes joins the throng and after a particularly humiliating brawl, kidnaps Merrick and takes him to France. Severely neglected and very ill, Merrick is once more put on display as the Elephant Man for the local crowds. Bytes' son (Adam S. Gottbetter) tells his father that he can take no more of seeing him humiliate a human being, but Bytes tells his son to mind his own business. That night, Bytes' son, with the help of other carnival freaks, releases Merrick and assists his escape back to England.Reunited with Treves, it appears that Merrick does not have long to live. Merrick visits the theater with Treves and his wife where Mrs. Kendal has her performance dedicated to him. Back at the hospital, Merrick thanks Treves for a splendid evening and afterwards discards all pillows from his bed, determined to lie down like everyone else. Merrick lies down and sleeps one final time before quietly passing away, where his late mother welcomes him to the bright glory of Heaven.
Cinematographer: Freddie Francis
Producer: Mel Brooks , Stuart Cornfeld , Jonathan Sanger
Production Manager: Terence A. Clegg
Art Direction: Robert Cartwright
Box Office: $5,000,000 (estimated)
Certificates: Argentina:14 , Australia:M , Brazil:10 , Canada:14A , Canada:13+::(Quebec) , Canada:G::(Quebec) , Czechia:U , Denmark:11 , Denmark:15::(DVD rating) , Egypt:Not Rated::(DVD rating) , Finland:K-16 , France:Tous publics , Greece:K-8 , Hong Kong:II , Hungary:12 , Iceland:LH , India:UA , India:U , Ireland:12 , Ireland:PG::(Momentum DVD) , Israel:PG , Italy:VM14 , Japan:G , Malaysia:U , Mexico:B , Netherlands:12 , New Zealand:PG , Norway:16::(cinema rating) , Peru:14 , Poland:12 , Portugal:M/12 , Russia:14+ , Singapore:PG , South Africa:PG , South Korea:15 , Spain:14::(ICAA) , Sweden:15 , Taiwan:GP , Thailand:G , Turkey:13A , United Kingdom:AA , United Kingdom:12A , United Kingdom:PG::(video rating) , United States:PG , United Arab Emirates:Not Rated , West Germany:12
Composer: John Morris
Editor: Anne V. Coates
Editorial Department: Patrick Moore
Sound Crew: Robin Gregory , Peter Horrocks , John Iles , David Lynch , Alan Splet , Doug E. Turner , Michael Sale , Terry Sharratt
Visual Effects: Doug Ferris , David Smith
Music Department: National Philharmonic Orchestra , Michael Lea , Jack Hayes , Skaila Kanga , John Morris
Miscellaneous Crew: John Chambers , John William Ault , Randy Auerbach , Loretta Ordewer , John Trehy , Ellen Adolph , Gordon Davis , Bill Launder , Dena Vincent
Other Companies: Berman's and Nathan's , Delta Sound Services , Dolby Laboratories , Lee Lighting , National Philharmonic Orchestra , Panavision
Costume Designer: Patricia Norris
Make Up: Paula Gillespie , Stephanie Kaye , Beryl Lerman , Michael Morris , Wally Schneiderman , Christopher Tucker
Assistant Director: Gerry Gavigan , Anthony Waye , Andy Armstrong , Nick Daubeny
Art Department: Malcolm Walker , Steve Furneaux , Brian Morris , Reg Richards , Terry Wells , Peter Benson , Gavin Bocquet , John Roberts , Adrian Start
Camera and Electrical Department: Frank Connor , Jim Dawes , Jerry Dunkley , Roy Larner , Alan Annand , Mike Bulley , Wick Finch , Billy Malone , John Matthews , Tim Ross
Set Decoration: Hugh Scaife
Costume Department: Tiny Nicholls , Babs Gray
Production Design: Stuart Craig
Special Effects: Graham Longhurst , Neil Corbould , Paul Corbould , Martin Gutteridge , Garth Inns
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Jack H. Degelia , Ceri Evans
Location Management: Graham Ford
Number of Seasons: Brian Hathaway , Gerry Turner
Seasons: Maggie Cartier
Special Effects Companies: Camera Effects , Effects Associates