The Duke, and The Duchess

The Duke, and The Duchess

Director: Pamela Justice Thornton

Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 3

Episodes: 5

Plot: Duke Fraser meets with the Duchess Fraser to discuss the letter he has received about the visit by the Earl of Dunleven. One of their servants, Brinna, is shocked to hear of the visit, and reveals her concerns to her friend.
Original Title: The Duke, and The Duchess
Director: Pamela Justice Thornton
Writer: Wendy Potter
Producer: Wendy Potter
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Fantasy
Cast: Douglas E. Bischoff , Allison Bryant , Wendy Potter , Brandon Marski , Elizabeth Stevenson , Kylie Bracale , Emma Overman , Arya Pazhwak , Tristan Overman , Bryan J. Cook
Aspect Ratio: 2:1
Original Air Date: 05 Aug 2022
Production Companies: Ceridwen Productions
Cinematographer: Robert Alan Moose
Producer: Wendy Potter
Composer: Scott W. Gordon
Editorial Department: Douglas E. Bischoff
Sound Crew: Frank Vaughan , Jesse Heaton , Dillon Douglasson
Miscellaneous Crew: Becky Gaskill
Make Up: Mary Bracale
Camera and Electrical Department: Barry Ellenberger , Jason Hock , Johnny Villani , Casey Martin
Script Department: Christopher Hewes
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 5
Episode of: The Duke, and The Duchess