The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living

Director: Scott Hartford-Davis

Year: 2000

Season: 3, Episode: 28

Episodes: 493

Plot: A routine call-out to a jet-skiing accident turns into a life and death emergency where Ben and Bron have to save a young woman's life.
Original Title: The Cost of Living
Director: Scott Hartford-Davis
Writer: Andy Ryan , Louise Crane
Producer: Jo Porter , Susan Bower , John Holmes
Type: episode
Year: 2000
Genres: Drama
Cast: Shelly Coughran , Georgie Parker , Jeremy Cumpston , Martin Lynes , Judith McGrath , Libby Tanner , Ben Tari , Erik Thomson , Brian Vriends , Joy Smithers , Jake Blundell , Pia Miranda , Helen O'Leary , David Franklin , Scott Bowie
Runtimes: 43
Countries: Australia
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby , Stereo
Original Air Date: 08 Aug 2000
Rating: 8.1
Votes: 14
Year: 2000
Akas: The Cost of Living (Australia)
Production Companies: 7 Network , Seven Network , Seven Network
Distributors: 7 Network , AXN Crime , AXN , Australia Network , BBC One , British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , EMI Music Australia , Madman Entertainment , Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ) , Seven Network (Operations) , Seven Network , Southern Star , TV2 , TV3 Television Network Ireland , Via Vision Entertainment , Vitaya , Warner Home Video
Synopsis: Bron is worried about Ben. He has slumped into a depression since Steph's death and she is concerned he is not taking adequate care of himself. So concerned, in fact she has temporarily moved into his flat to keep an eye on him. Which is where Ben drops his bombshell; he has decided to transfer from active paramedic duties to a desk job at HQ. Bron is aghast. She knows this is an ill-considered decision borne of his depression, but Ben won't hear reason. He is quitting just as soon as he finishes the paperwork.When Ben and Bron attend a woman injured in a jet ski accident, Ben is on autopilot. He fulfils all the medical requirements to splint Jody's broken arm but he remains emotionally distant from Jody and her yuppie husband Phil. Nothing Bron says or does can shake Ben from his rut. It is not until Jody's condition deteriorates and Ben discovers her injuries are life threatening, that he gets the spark back in his eyes. It takes all of Ben's knowledge, experience and empathy to get Jody to safety and reassure her by-now hysterical husband. In doing so, Ben rekindles his passion for ambulance work, and comes to a deeper understanding of his grief for Stephanie. He rips up the transfer papers. After weeks of self-destructive grief, it looks like Ben is turning the corner.On the ward, Jared is in a bad mood. Connor assumes it is because he has been staying at his mother's house recently. Tony is not so sure... could it be because Jared has been partnered with obnoxious student nurse Brittany yet again? Jared's mood deteriorates when he nurses a greedy amateur investor, Michael, who is more concerned with making money via on-line share trading than following doctor's orders. While leafing through a patient's newspaper, Tony uncovers what is really bugging Jared - his business executive father has absconded after being caught extorting millions of dollars from his clients. Jared and his family are now bankrupt. To rub salt in the wound, Michael returns from surgery, for a life-threatening aneurism, to discover his shares have skyrocketed in his absence. This foolhardy speculator has made a fortune, while conservative Jared is now broke.It is Mitch's first day back from his honeymoon and Terri is tying herself up in knots over one simple task: to tell him she has left the Order. To make things more difficult, she and Mitch are working together today. Their patient Tanya has severe septicaemia, the cause of which leaves even Mitch gaping in horror.Terri is pre-occupied with the Mitch issue all day. Even the problems with the new NurseCare computer system seem insignificant alongside the crippling indecision. Matters come to a head when Mitch notices her "wedding" ring is missing. Terri is trapped - she must reveal her decision. It only takes a moment, and Mitch greets the news with polite equanimity. But if it is all so straightforward, why does Terri feel such mixed emotions?
Producer: Jo Porter , Susan Bower , John Holmes
Production Manager: Dan O'Connell , Sally Clarke , Stella Savvas
Art Direction: Kate Saunders
Certificates: Australia:M , New Zealand:PG , South Korea:15 , United Kingdom:PG , United States:TV-MA
Editor: Robert Gibson
Editorial Department: Bob Sneddon , Todd Connaughton
Sound Crew: Roland Morris , Phil Keros , Sue Kerr , Phil Snow , Stephen Vaughan
Miscellaneous Crew: Elizabeth Hunter , Ben Porteous , John Evans , Neil Cousins , Therese Hanna , Julie McGauran , Peter Williams , Andrew Teo , Adrian Blears , Julie Cohen , Wendy O'Donnell , Jodie Olde , Mark Stewart , Joanne Owens , Marianne Flynn
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Costume Designer: Zed Dragojlovich
Make Up: Louise Fitzgerald , Beth Porter , Sophie Fleming , Ken Bowrey , David Willis
Assistant Director: Margie Beattie , Andrew Pante , Dimitri Ellerington
Art Department: Diana Robertson , Andrew Bowden , Ben Bangay , Soren Pedersen
Camera and Electrical Department: Stephen Kearns , Steve Brack , Shannon Ryan , Russell Marks , Ben Porteous , Nathan Hayter , Peter Loney , Adrian Blears
Costume Department: Nicole Rutherford , Andrea Burns
Special Effects: Image FX
Script Department: Giula Sandler , Fiona Kelly , Sarah Duffy , Bevan Lee , Larraine Quinnell
Stunt Performer: Lou Cifuentes
Location Management: Marcia Robinson
Seasons: Ann Fay
Casting Department: Kelly Marshall , Angie Christophel
Season: 3
Episode: 28
Number of Episodes: 493
Episode of: The Cost of Living