The Cathedral
tv series

The Cathedral


Year: 2021

Seasons: 1

Plot: Different strokes for different folks - says the proverb. Born a rabble dies a rabble. But this is the year 1700, the time of dramatic changes in the Russian Empire, the time of reformations carried out by Peter the Great. Young serf Ivan Starshov is head over heels in love with Maria, the daughter of his master. He doesn't want to accept that the young princess is no match for him. "You gave me wishes, but you do not allow me to satisfy them!" rages Ivan against God. He asks a priest for help, since God created all people equal. But the priest repeats the proverb. Accept your fate destiny as it is. In despair, Starshov repudiates from faith. Ivan is stubborn; he leaves the village to take possession of his fate. This is how the protagonist gets on the winding road to the true understanding of Love.
Original Title: Sobor
Writer: Aleksandr Shevtsov , Dzhanik Fayziev
Type: tv series
Year: 2021
Genres: Drama, History
Cast: Yan Tsapnik , Ramil Sabitov , Yuriy Anpilogov , Sergey Kozik , Andrius Paulavicius , Aleksandr Bukharov , Igor Savochkin , Sergey Evseev , Aleksey Bardukov , Yuriy Chursin , Sergey Belyaev , Dmitriy Kulichkov , Aleksey Vertkov , Konstantin Milovanov , Aleksandr Ilin , Andrey Finyagin , Ku Hye-Sun , Artyom Gaidukov , Yuriy Utkin , Marina Petrenko , Anton Kuznetsov , Alexander Seteykin , Denis Bespalyy , Sergey Marin , Svetlana Ivanova , Konstantin Topolaga , Igor Golovin , Yuriy Skulyabin , Aleksandr Michkov , Ella Ayberk , Pavel Goncharov , Vilen Babichev , Polina Chernyshova , Nikita Manets , Igor Yudin , Sergey Sotserdotskiy , Anastasiya Safronova , Yuriy Zharavin , Alexey Ivankov , Aleksandr Kakuev , Vera Pleshanova , Mark-Malik Murashkin , Aleksey Milovanov , Dmitriy Agafonov , Nikita Serkov , Igor Babich , Aleksandr Baluev , Maksim Averin , Aleksandr Korshunov , Anna Gulyarenko
Runtimes: 49
Countries: Russia
Languages: Russian
Color Info: Color
Rating: 6.1
Votes: 39
Year: 2021
Akas: Собор (Russia) , The Cathedral (United States) , The Cathedral (World-wide, English title) , The Cathedral (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: KIT Film Studio
Distributors: Kino1Tv , OKKO , Perviy Kanal
Certificates: Russia:16+
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2021-2021