The Bolt Opens

The Bolt Opens

Director: Tae-gon Lee

Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 7

Episodes: 13

Plot: A sudden incident in the night scares Min-kyung, who feels vulnerable living alone. Hwi-oh's mother discovers a woman in her son's apartment.
Original Title: The Bolt Opens
Director: Tae-gon Lee
Writer: Ah Kyung
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Yeon-Seo Oh , Woo Jung , Hye Eun Lee
Runtimes: 37
Original Air Date: 07 Jun 2021
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 30
Year: 2021
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: The Bolt Opens