The Blowout

The Blowout

Director: James Neilson

Year: 1959

Season: 2, Episode: 3

Episodes: 168

Plot: Al Walker, a notorious gunfighter, has come to North Fork to die. He has an incurable illness and, since he had once been a wealthy and prominent lawyer, believes he owes it to his family to have his death certificate read "natural causes" instead of "killed in gunfight". However, the Porter brothers--a gang of vicious killers and bank robbers--have followed him to town and plan to take their revenge on Walker for killing their brother, and they'll stop at nothing and no one in order to do it.—
Original Title: The Blowout
Director: James Neilson
Writer: Arthur Browne Jr.
Producer: Arthur Gardner , Arnold Laven , Jules V. Levy , Arthur H. Nadel
Type: episode
Year: 1959
Genres: Family, Western
Cast: Howard Ledig , Chuck Connors , Johnny Crawford , Hugh Sanders , John Milford , Bill Quinn , George Brenlin , James Parnell , Glenn Strange , John Dehner , Chet Brandenburg , Chester Hayes , Michael Jeffers
Runtimes: 30
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono::(RCA Sound Recording)
Original Air Date: 13 Oct 1959
Rating: 8.3
Votes: 127
Year: 1959
Production Companies: Four Star Productions , Sussex Productions
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Cinematographer: Howard Schwartz
Producer: Arthur Gardner , Arnold Laven , Jules V. Levy , Arthur H. Nadel
Production Manager: Bruce Fowler Jr. , Robert E. Short , Jack Sonntag
Art Direction: Gibson Holley , Bill Ross
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: Herschel Burke Gilbert
Editor: Samuel E. Beetley
Editorial Department: Bernard W. Burton
Sound Crew: Clarence Peterson , Kay Rose
Music Department: Al Friede
Miscellaneous Crew: Marian Carpenter
Make Up: Webster C. Phillips , Jay Sebring
Assistant Director: Marty Moss
Set Decoration: Robert C. Bradfield
Costume Department: Robert B. Harris
Seasons: Marjory McKay
Season: 2
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 168
Episode of: The Blowout