The Berry Scary Fun Adventure


The Berry Scary Fun Adventure


Year: 2013

Season: 3, Episode: 9

Episodes: 65

Plot: The power failure at the village is not fixed yet. While the Berrykins are working on it, the girls go on a camping trip for the night. They have fun, but various items keep disappearing mysteriously from the camp.
Original Title: The Berry Scary Fun Adventure
Producer: Ryan Wiesbrock
Type: episode
Year: 2013
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Cast: Anna Cummer , Aidan Drummond , Shannon Chan-Kent , Ingrid Nilson , Ashleigh Ball , Janyse Jaud , Andrea Libman , Britt McKillip , Sam Vincent
Original Air Date: 13 Apr 2013
Production Companies: Splash Entertainment
Producer: Ryan Wiesbrock
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Matthew Gerrard , Marco Luciani
Editorial Department: Shannon Archibald
Sound Crew: Christopher Clark
Music Department: Elizabeth Ashley Gerrard
Miscellaneous Crew: Ilana Rogel , Khalilah Joi , Alina Bolshakova , Emmalinda Maclean , Megan Evans , Erin Rae Miller , David Columbo , Lorin Eric Salm , Scott Ward
Other Companies: BLT Productions , Koko Productions & Sound Studios
Animation Department: Kris Sherwood
Season: 3
Episode: 9
Number of Episodes: 65
Episode of: The Berry Scary Fun Adventure