The Bard

The Bard

Director: Leon Thau

Year: 1989

Season: 1, Episode: 9

Episodes: 10

Plot: Will Wagerdagger has to put on a play for the Queen, but his actors have deserted him. T. Shirt's powers are taken away by T. Bag, so he decides to work with Sally and both join the Bard's cast. But so does a certain 'Tyrone Bag'.
Original Title: The Bard
Director: Leon Thau
Writer: Lee Pressman , Grant Cathro
Producer: Charles Warren , Leon Thau
Type: episode
Year: 1989
Genres: Fantasy
Cast: Elizabeth Estensen , John Hasler , Kellie Bright , Denise Coffey , Frank Thornton
Runtimes: 20
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 28 Feb 1989
Akas: The Bard (United Kingdom)
Producer: Charles Warren , Leon Thau
Sound Crew: John Brady
Music Department: Terry Trower
Miscellaneous Crew: Bobby Webber , Caroline Vance
Costume Designer: Raymond Childe
Make Up: Caroline Becker
Art Department: Chris Connors
Costume Department: Vandra Howard
Production Design: John Plant
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Number of Episodes: 10
Episode of: The Bard