The Art of War

The Art of War

Director: James Marsh

Year: 2016

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 8

Plot: A fellow prisoner advises Naz on prison life while he weighs the pros and cons of copping a plea, and Stone delves into Andrea's past.
Original Title: The Art of War
Director: James Marsh
Writer: Steven Zaillian , Richard Price , Peter Moffat
Producer: Nancy Sanders , Garrett Basch , Dara Schnapper , Mark Armstrong , John Martini , Angie Stephenson , Jack Deutchman , Scott Ferguson , James Gandolfini , Peter Moffat , Richard Price , Hilary Salmon , Lori Slomka , Jane Tranter , Steven Zaillian
Type: episode
Year: 2016
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Erik McKay , Mustafa Shakir , Onika Day , Nancy Grace , Mellini Kantayya , Poorna Jagannathan , Albert Jones , Roosevelt Davis , Xavier Cadeau , Payman Maadi , Daniel J. Watts , Riz Ahmed , Punchin' Pat Nwamu , Babs Olusanmokun , Reginald L. Barnes , Amara Karan , David Chen , Cliff Moylan , Donovan Christie Jr. , Will Cobbs , Volieda Webb , Jason Ralph , Racquel Palmer , Damien Lemon , Jennifer Onvie , Samuel Standard , Frisco Cosme , Wallace Smith , Nigil Whyte , Christina Redd , David Cheekz Weeks , Vladimir Merisca , Chris Bryant , Christofer Jirau , Ray Daniels , Syam M. Lafi , Darnell Rose , John Turturro , Michael Kenneth Williams , Bill Camp , Jeannie Berlin , Glenne Headly , Ashley Thomas , Paulo Costanzo , Paul Sparks , Ned Eisenberg , Sticky Fingaz , Aida Turturro , Max Casella , Adam LeFevre , Lord Jamar , Malachi Weir , Joseph Latimore , Jack Gilpin , Fisher Stevens , Paul Carafotes , Brian Tarantina , Chris McKinney , Jeff Wincott , Jeffrey M. Marchetti , Damany Mathis
Runtimes: 59
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
Original Air Date: 31 Jul 2016
Rating: 8.7
Votes: 3829
Year: 2016
Akas: The Art of War (United States)
Production Companies: BBC Drama Productions , BBC Worldwide Productions , Bad Wolf , Film Rites , Home Box Office
Distributors: Home Box Office (HBO) , Sky Atlantic
Synopsis: Naz watches as the remnants of his burned cot are taken away. His cot mate bundles up his own stuff and moves away leaving Naz on his own.John Stone wraps his feet in Crisco and Saran Wrap. He -answers his phone, a new client is calling from a precinct.A crowd of media gather outside the Khans' house.At the Riker's Commissary a prisoner asks to use Naz's credit card to buy some items. Naz lets him. Another prisoner, Calvin Hurt, tells Naz he has to be tougher and not be a soft touch, and to learn a proper prison stare.Stone hears out his new client, a young man who killed someone with scissors. The young man says he can't remember doing it. Stone is pensive, then leaves the 21st Precinct. He goes to Andrea's funeral, tries to talk to two of Andrea's friends but Det. Box interrupts them. The girls leave, Stone suggests even Box wants to know what really happened. From a distance Stone sees Don Taylor argue with a younger man, he videos them with his phone. In a church, he reviews the photos on his phone, a photo of a photo of Andrea leads him to a specific street , and a discreet sign, Invictus House.Calvin tells Naz to work out in the gym but to be careful when selecting a weight bench. Calvin also warns Naz against getting close to Freddy, who looks at them balefully from across the gym.Stone photos the Invictus House from across the street. A supervisor and assistant approach him and tell him he has to go away, he is invading privacy. Stone makes up a story about having a son who needs rehab, but walks away.In a high school Naz's brother is bruised from fighting. A vice principal asks the Khans to withdraw the boy, they wonder how he can keep up his studies.Down the street the Invictus Assistant catches up to Stone and offers to photo Andrea's file for $350.In jail Calvin explains anything can be a weapon. He explains the hot water for cup noodles can be mixed with baby oil to make a napalm-like material.The DA reviews the murder book.In court Stone convinces a judge to release a hooker, he arranges a date for later. In the hallway he meets Chandra Kapoor and shows her the photocopied Cornish file. Andrea was in rehab three times in two years. He suggests Chandra get the same info by subpoena and sells her the file for $500. He gives her his card.Naz is in jail wearing an orange jumpsuit, a guard brings him blue coveralls to wear instead, from Freddy.Outside the courthouse, Stone watches as Alison Crowe, Det. Box and the Khans arrive to a media frenzy. Alison introduces herself to Naz in a holding pen, she tells him to trust her, and gives him a comb to straighten his hair. She smiles and is glad he is not wearing orange.Stone enters the courtroom and takes a seat behind the DA, they greet each other cordially, she is there to observe. Naz pleads Not Guilty to the Grand Jury Indictment, Alison tries to have him released on bail, using the same arguments Stone used earlier. During the back and forth Alison insults John Stone. Naz is sent back to jail, the DA turns and says Crowe's comments were uncalled for. Outside, Alison has a testy media standup, and is rude to Samir Khan for speaking.Back at Rikers Naz is slashed in the left arm while walking in, he makes his own bandage from the bed sheets. He goes to the guard to see Freddy. Up in Freddy's cell, Naz finds out the orange suit means violent offender and could sway the judge. Naz notices a High School Diploma on Freddy's wall, the King of Queens liked school and seems proud of the real diploma. He then gives Naz a paperback copy of 'Call of the Wild' by Jack London, the story will help him survive in jail. Naz replies he has already read it. Freddy jokes about the weak intelligence of his entourage and says Naz has to ask him for help.Stone and the prostitute have sex at his flat. She goes to the washroom after and is disgusted by his medicines and Itch-X creme.Naz and Calvin talk quietly on their cots. Calvin explains his crime, he had killed the wrong man in trying to avenge his niece's murder. He shows a photo of the woman, a bloody crime scene shot.Chandra watches Alison in action at the office.The DAs discuss a NY Post tabloid with a "Sikhing Revenge" title, a red-turban man on the cover had been murdered in Brooklyn. The DA is told to act quickly on Naz.Stone visits another doctor for his bloody feet. He writes a new cortico-steroid prescription, a script for a UV lamp, and says to go buy Chlorox bleach. Stone is incredulous.Freddy boxes another prisoner, angry that the other man has no cell phone for him. Freddy is brutal and knocks him out, Naz watches.The DA and Crowe negotiate a plea, they settle on 15 years, manslaughter one.A pharmacist is surprised Stone has a script for 20 mg corticosteroids. He jokes about the side effects of such a strong creme and says Stone could hit 75 homers in baseball.Alison explains she can try, if lucky, to get a deal with the DA for 15 years and manslaughter instead of life and murder 1. Naz wants to think about it and asks about Chandra. Back at his cot he finds a copy of Sidney Sheldon's 'The Other Side of Midnight" with a 'take the deal' yellow post it note. Freddy looks down on him from the mezzanine.The Khans get a phone call, Samir tells his wife Alison has told Naz to take a plea bargain.In a stairwell Det Box is upset the DA is not going to trial, she says she has a boss just like him.Stone has a beer in a bar, another patron who knows him tells him he heard there is a deal in the works for Naz.Calvin and Naz discuss the offer.Once again Naz is taken to the Courthouse, Alison asks if he is ready, as Naz is a little hesitant she leaves and sends in Chandra to convince him. Naz asks her frankly what she would do in his situation, she says he should take the deal if he killed her but don't if he didn't. In the courtroom, Stone comes up to Naz and says to take the deal, he'll be out in 12 years and only 35 years old. The judge then arrives and has the DA take Naz through the process. After recounting his story the DA asks if he killed Andrea, Naz refuses to admit it. The judge, Alison and DA get very upset at the wasted day.In the backroom cell Alison is furious and curses him out, Naz tells her to quit. Crowe agrees and storms out. At he Khans' house she explains that her firm could still stay on the case but Chandra would take over and it would not be pro bono anymore and will be a long trial, they were free to find an other lawyer.In the bar, Stone calls the animal shelter and finds out Andrea Cornish's cat is still there,Back at Riker's Calvin seems upset Naz did not take the deal, he stirs a hot mug, then quickly squirts in some baby lotion and splashes Naz. Naz is able to protect his face but his arm is burned. As he is being bandaged he refuses to tell the guard who did it. Once again Naz requests a visit with Freddy, he now asks for help. Freddy takes a drag of his smoke.
Cinematographer: Igor Martinovic
Producer: Nancy Sanders , Garrett Basch , Dara Schnapper , Mark Armstrong , John Martini , Angie Stephenson , Jack Deutchman , Scott Ferguson , James Gandolfini , Peter Moffat , Richard Price , Hilary Salmon , Lori Slomka , Jane Tranter , Steven Zaillian
Production Manager: Lindsay Feldman , Scott Ferguson , Holly S. Rymon
Art Direction: Michael Ahern
Certificates: Australia:MA15+ , Netherlands:16 , United Kingdom:15 , United States:TV-MA
Composer: Jeff Russo
Editor: Nick Houy
Editorial Department: John Potter , Rob Sciarratta , Robert Benedict , Nicholas Ramirez , Kyle Walczak , Christina Kremer , Steven Sosa , Adam Dicterow , Jake Lemmen , Kacie Tergesen , Nicholas Figueroa , David O. Rogers , Bronwyn Shields , Stefan Sonnenfeld , Jay Tilin
Sound Crew: Heather Gross , Ruy García , Bryn Neuenschwander , Sara Stern , Beauxregard Neylen , Craig Kyllonen , Bret Scheinfeld , Luciano Vignola , Nick Caramela , Nathan Senot , Michael Barry , David Boulton , Marko A. Costanzo , Mark DeSimone , Chris Fielder , Larry Hoff , Paul Koronkiewicz , George A. Lara , Marissa Littlefield , Nicholas Renbeck , Gary Silver , Wyatt Sprague , Roland Vajs , Steven Visscher , Michael Miller
Visual Effects: Luke DiTommaso , Tolly Swallow , Piotr Glabinski , Nathan Rich , Jamie McIntyre , Ping Cao , Victoria Penzes , John Likens , Jesse Speer , Tiansheng Liu , Chen Cui , Ian Sheddan , Xixi Zhuang , Bronwyn Shields
Music Department: Kier Lehman , Michael Perfitt , Felix Erskine , Grant Conway , Joshua Heaphey , Amie Doherty , Sarah Lynch , Jordan Gagne , Matea Prljevic , Perrine Virgile , Cara Clay , Joy Ngiaw , Dana Wilentz , Dan Evans Farkas , James T. Hill , Evyen Klean , Jeff Russo
Miscellaneous Crew: Jamie Buckner , Lyman Creason , Bobby Rose , Leigh Ann Biety , Michelle Israel , Alex Brown , Zsuzsa Mysak , Christopher Dimitrov , Tessie Tan , Jeruschka Argenziano , Johnny Lala , Sofia Due Rosenzweig , Adrian Garza , Nicholas DeWitt , Hannah Schuster , Eli Bush , King Williams , Erena Willis , Tony Harmening , Ian M. Adelson , Nicholas Pelecanos , Alex Brown , Lea Barnave , Matilde Bandini , Naren Henry , Jake Spongberg , Dan O'Brien , Jessica Walker , Daniel Shepherd , Brad Combs , Scott Rudin , Albert Valera , Deborah Ricketts
Other Companies: ARRI Rental , C5 , Deluxe Entertainment Services , EPS-Cineworks , Evan M. Greenspan , Method Studios , Pix System , Postworks New York , Soundtrack New York , Technological Cinevideo Services (TCS)
Costume Designer: Catherine George
Make Up: Ben Bornstein , Joelle Troisi , Gina Leone , Duane Moody , Jessica Toth , Amanda Miller , Kaela Dobson , Toni Roman , Janelle Leone , Lizzy Reilley , Sincere Gilles , Sherry Heart , Stephen Kelley
Assistant Director: Justin Ritson , Mike Reiersen , Joe Landry , Findlay Zotter , Abbey Hansen , Ellen Kuras , Deanna Leslie , John Silvestri , Peter Thorell , Luca Waldman
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Camera and Electrical Department: Ben Semanoff , Daniel Salk , John Woods , John Gatland , Abi Iverson , Randy Schwartz , Tristan Allen , Keith McNicholas , John F. McCarthy , Vincent Pierce , John Nijhawan , John Alcantara , Joe Cappa , Patrick Lowry , Jim Gourley , August Popkin , Pedro Corcega , Tet Kuijper , Blaise Miller , Patrick Cecilian , Chris Seehase , Kenny Martell , Jeph Banks , Rob Wrase , Keith Marshall , Shaun Lowry , Joseph R. Kelly , Daniel James McCabe , Kay Hung , Danny Nallan , John Patrick Oates , Craig Blankenhorn , Paul Candrilli , Ralph G. Crowley , Andy Day , Predrag Dubravcic , Jamie Gallagher , Kevin Gilligan , Charlie Grubbs , Matthew Hale , Rebecca Heller , Michael Hunold , Joe Kelly , Rob Koch , Ellen Kuras , Francis Leach , Mitchell Andrew Lillian , Kevin Lowry , Rick Marroquin , Chuck Moya , Ronald Paul , Craig Pressgrove , Patrick Quinn , Dave Samuel
Set Decoration: Leslie E. Rollins
Costume Department: Cindy Bagby , Robin Fitzgerald , Katalina Iturralde , Taylor Rierden , Alyssa Kramer , Catherine Crabtree , Rebecca Levin , Cristina Nunez , Giulia Cauti , Virginia D. Patton
Production Design: Lester Cohen
Special Effects: James Kent , Holbrook Hays
Script Department: Sharon Watt , Sasha Vitelli , Charles Miller
Stunt Performer: Bobby Beckles , Jeremy Sample , Mark Fichera , Aaron Joshua , Stephen A. Pope
Location Management: Shane Haden , Scott Ferlisi , John Henry , Dexter Wiseman , Richard M. Bartholomay , Rafael Rivera , Miguel Virola Jr. , Ana Laura Pulido , Jordan Hoffman , Chris Coyne
Number of Seasons: Paul Weiner , Walter Chomow , Mickey Pastoriza , Jim Lembo , Joe Salters , Robin Monaghan , Joe Brennan , John Sbarbaro , Jonathan Triminio , Joe Abruzzo , Howie Engel , Julio Sepulveda , Richie Christie , John Forsdahl , Demo Manolis , Sean Tierney , John Bernard Martin , Timothy Paustian
Seasons: Sabrina Hyman , Avy Kaufman
Casting Department: Heather Comer , David M. Waldron , Alex Christopoulos , Alan Scott Neal , Dann Fink , Bruce Winant
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 8
Episode of: The Art of War
Special Effects Companies: Base FX , The Molecule