The Adventures of Pete & Pete: 'Rangeboy'

podcast episode

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: 'Rangeboy'


Year: 2021

Season: 7, Episode: 17

Episodes: 159

Plot: Hot damn is this a fun episode of fall television. Chad, Paul, and Kevin revisit the Nickelodeon classic (and arguably the best thing they've ever produced) The Adventures of Pete and Pete and this anti-capitalist story about the extinction of bears, the nirvana of a perfect golf swing, and the freedom of a fur suit. OFF-TOPICS: Too Hot To Handle aka 'Bone Island', "Soaking" at BYU, God's awkward multiple date situation, Skinwalker Ranch's latest monetization scheme/reality show aka 'Dorky Umbrella Corp'.
Original Title: The Adventures of Pete & Pete: 'Rangeboy'
Writer: Chad Quandt , Paul Ritchey , Dominic Moschitti
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Talk-Show
Cast: Chad Quandt , Paul Ritchey , Kevin Cole
Original Air Date: 04 Oct 2021
Composer: Seth Earnest
Editor: Kevin Cole
Art Department: Brock Gallagher
Season: 7
Episode: 17
Number of Episodes: 159