Teacher Appreciation Hour


Teacher Appreciation Hour


Year: 2022

Season: 3, Episode: 148

Episodes: 792

Plot: Kelly sings "Beautiful"; actor Benedict Cumberbatch, actress Elizabeth Olsen, actor Xochitl Gomez, and actor Benedict Wong (movie, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness"); "That'l Do the Trick" game; teacher appreciation; $180,000 donation to CNYU school;—anonymous
Original Title: Teacher Appreciation Hour
Producer: Tegan Kinane , Andrew Amoros
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Music, Musical, Talk-Show
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch , Kelly Clarkson , Lester Estelle , Jessi Collins , Jaco Caraco , Jason Halbert , Xochitl Gomez , Y'All , Kyle Whalum , Elizabeth Olsen , Benedict Wong
Original Air Date: 06 May 2022
Producer: Tegan Kinane , Andrew Amoros
Certificates: United States:TV-G
Editorial Department: Molly Lobell , Alyssa Rizzitello
Sound Crew: Kevin Shannon
Music Department: Claudine La Rocca
Miscellaneous Crew: Elizabeth Gentry , Cathy Trope , Thomas Crutchfield
Art Department: Hailey Jenkins , Kevin McCane , Kevin Grace
Camera and Electrical Department: Richard Pitpit , Darren Langer
Season: 3
Episode: 148
Number of Episodes: 792
Episode of: Teacher Appreciation Hour