T.R. & Aunt Jenny


T.R. & Aunt Jenny


Year: 1954

Season: 6, Episode: 8

Episodes: 336

Plot: Aunt Jenny decides to start dressing T.R. in the fanciest clothes, making him the object of bullying. The Hansens feel they must step in and save the boy from Jenny's good intentions.
Original Title: T.R. & Aunt Jenny
Writer: Gordon Webber
Type: episode
Year: 1954
Genres: Comedy, Family, Drama
Cast: Peggy Wood , Judson Laire , Dick Van Patten , Rosemary Rice , Robin Morgan , Kevin Coughlin , Ruth Gates , Kevin O'Morrison , James Somers
Original Air Date: 22 Oct 1954
Season: 6
Episode: 8
Number of Episodes: 336
Episode of: T.R. & Aunt Jenny