Sue's the Boss?


Sue's the Boss?


Year: 2015

Season: 1, Episode: 7

Episodes: 8

Plot: Susan's husband is out of control and the girls have had enough. Gail worries her husband is reverting back to his old ways. On the eve of their 20th anniversary, Cori forces Sandy to come clean about his mysterious sext.
Original Title: Sue's the Boss?
Type: episode
Year: 2015
Genres: Reality-TV
Cast: Amy Miller , Gail Greenberg , Liza Sandler , Andi Black , Cori Goldfarb , Susan Doneson
Runtimes: 43
Original Air Date: 14 Jul 2015
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Editorial Department: Leslie Carney
Sound Crew: Danna Feintuch
Music Department: Adam Malka
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 8
Episode of: Sue's the Boss?