Director: Ida Lupino

Year: 1960

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 13

Plot: Tate rides into town with the body of a wanted outlaw he's just killed, and presents it to the sheriff to collect the bounty. The sheriff sends Tate to the saloon to wait while he fills out the paperwork--and, since he doesn't like bounty hunters, decides to take his time about it. Meanwhile, at the saloon Tate runs into a young hothead who's itching to put a notch on his gun and decides that Tate's going to be it.—
Original Title: Stopover
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Harry Julian Fink
Producer: Alvin Cooperman , Shelley Hull
Type: episode
Year: 1960
Genres: Western
Cast: David McLean , Bill Tennant , Vaughn Taylor , Robert F. Simon , King Calder , Peggy Ann Garner
Runtimes: 30
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Black and White
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono::(RCA Sound Recording)
Original Air Date: 15 Jun 1960
Rating: 7.3
Votes: 41
Year: 1960
Akas: Stopover (United States)
Production Companies: Roncom Films
Distributors: National Broadcasting Company (NBC) , Penteo Films S.L.
Synopsis: The show starts with Tate riding into town. He apparently had been following Ben Tracey (King Calder) who had shot a 25 year old Jim Ranier and Tate wants the bounty on Ben to give to Ranier's family. They have a showdown and Ben dies. Tate finds out that Ben could have eluded him but purposely wanted the shoot out to get Tate's "scalp." Tate goes into the saloon, gets a drink and is confronted by the Sheriff (Robert F. Simon) who then leaves. Tate is to leave his contact info for the bounty and get out of town now. Tate however lingers in the saloon interacting with a saloon girl Julie (Peggy Ann Garner) , the bartender (Vaughn Taylor), and a psychotic gunslinger wannabe, Will Smith (played by Bill Tennant, the name Will Smith was only in the credits) who had also been following Ben Tracey. The Sheriff makes another appearance to give Tate his bounty money of $2080.00 and leaves. Will Smith has been trying to goad Tate into a showdown all this time and finally Tate accomodates him leaving him dead on the floor. Tate is getting ready to leave town and Julie seems to want more, wondering if he will go to San Francisco with her. Tate tells her that if she "was 4 or 5 years older" he'd "go to the Devil with" her, gives her a cute Bogartesque nudge on the chin, saddles up and rides out of town. The End.
Cinematographer: Wilfrid M. Cline
Producer: Alvin Cooperman , Shelley Hull
Production Manager: George Tobin
Art Direction: Edward L. Ilou
Editor: Fred R. Feitshans Jr.
Sound Crew: Robert O'Brien , Jack Kirschner
Music Department: Irving Friedman , Igo Kantor
Other Companies: International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) , Kraft
Make Up: Dick Hamilton
Assistant Director: William Forsyth
Art Department: James Trepeck
Set Decoration: Mac Mulcahy
Costume Department: Dick James
Script Department: William E. Orr , Harry Julian Fink
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: Stopover