Year: 2014

Season: 21, Episode: 9

Episodes: 636

Plot: Guy Fieri's filling up on some serious soup. In Baltimore, an authentic Irish pub serves up seafood gumbo. In Eugene, OR, a joint dishes out 80 kinds of soup. And in Cincinnati, a Vietnamese spot cranks out phenomenal pho.
Original Title: Soup-Centric
Producer: Frank Matson , Neil Martin , Khidija Rivera
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Reality-TV
Cast: Guy Fieri , Orlando Maldonado , Chris Marquis , Patrick Russell , Mark Stern , Duy Nguyen
Runtimes: 22
Original Air Date: 14 Nov 2014
Rating: 7.5
Votes: 12
Year: 2014
Production Companies: Citizen Pictures , Match / Cut Productions
Producer: Frank Matson , Neil Martin , Khidija Rivera
Production Manager: Sarah Irwin-Powell
Certificates: United States:TV-G
Sound Crew: Iván Mayoral
Camera and Electrical Department: Josh Bane , Ryan Larson
Season: 21
Episode: 9
Number of Episodes: 636
Episode of: Soup-Centric